Reviews By Adult Students

Musiah Review: “I Found These Lessons Better Than My Piano Teacher!”

In this Musiah review, learn why this doctor finds Musiah’s piano lessons a “unique, amazing and innovative program” that is “better than my piano teacher!” Is it because the lessons are easy and fun? Or perhaps because "it’s like a private teacher available for me 24/7 whenever it suits my time at my home"?

Musiah Review: “If You Have A Dream To Play And Be Great At The Piano…”

In this Musiah Review, find out why “if you have a dream to play and be great at the piano… Musiah is the best place to start”. As Steve Rinaldi from New Jersey USA writes, “This program is ideal for adults and children alike… I highly recommend you build your foundation with Musiah piano lessons.”

Musiah Review: “I’m so grateful to the inventor of Musiah piano lesson software.”

I'm 48years old and I'm so grateful to the inventor of Musiah piano lesson software. If you have given up on learning how to play piano with sheet music, or to be a piano player, please try Musiah! I completed levels 1-13 of Musiah lessons without any physical piano teacher. Musiah is the best piano tutor ever invented!

Musiah Review: “A Very Enjoyable Piano Lessons Experience”

"I want to tell you how much I enjoy learning the piano with Musiah" says Clémentine by email. "The method is clear and well-paced and the pieces you picked are simply brilliant. It has been a very enjoyable piano lessons experience for me. I already have and will continue to spread the word about Musiah around me."

Musiah Review: A Piano Tuition App "Similar To An Actual Teacher"

Musiah is different to other programs because the feedback is instantaneous and someone is actually speaking to you letting you know what needs to be worked on or if you're doing well. Similar to an actual teacher. It's a really great program and pretty much anyone who wants to learn the piano can benefit from it.

Musiah Review: Easy Access, No Pressure, Affordable Piano Lessons

In this latest Musiah Review, Mary G explains why she loves Musiah piano lessons and has recommended Musiah to other adults who are professionals like herself.

Musiah Review: Piano Lessons Designed By A Real Teacher

I like that Musiah is designed by a real piano teacher with years of experience. The interface shows your errors as you play, then takes you through the areas you have trouble with until you perfect the song… I would recommend Musiah to both kids and adults.

Musiah Review: Dietician Reviews Piano Lessons With Musiah

Since starting to learn how to play piano/keyboard online with Musiah in October because a friend recommended it, this 23 year old dietician from Spain has learned to play more than 60 songs. In this delightful review, he describes his personal experience of learning piano through this break-through online piano lesson course.

Musiah Review: “A Top Class Piano Teacher At Your Beck And Call”

In this Musiah Review, Steven - who has learned piano with Musiah for a year - examines; 1) What is the product designed to do? 2) Is this what I need? and 3) Does the product deliver? He concludes that Musiah is a top class piano teacher in your home at your beck and call to take you from the level of a complete beginner up to a level where you can say ‘I can play the piano’.

Musiah Review Compares Musiah To Other Piano Lessons

In perhaps the most comprehensive, in-depth Musiah review yet, adult piano student Kate Buttons compares Musiah's online piano lessons to dozens of alternatives. She has literally tried more online / software-based piano lesson products than anyone else I have ever come across, so she really is a font of useful knowledge and has a great deal of insight to share in this area.

Musiah Review: "Incredible Piano Lessons — I didn't like it, I loved it!"

n this article, Leigh, an adult student of the Musiah online piano lesson course, describes his experience of learning piano with Musiah. Having heard about Musiah from his sister, he thought he would give it a go for a month to see if he liked it or not. In his words: "I didn't like it, I loved it!"

Musiah Review: A Piano Tutor Who Brings Out The Best In You

Musiah Review: Musiah is an interesting piano tutor — a disciplinarian yet patient — a living, breathing and responsive character with a mystery and a purpose to bring out the best in you. It might be the first thing I think of when I get home and I miss Musiah when I'm not learning with him.

Musiah Review: “The Most Fun And Engaging Piano Lessons"

Just finished Musiah last week. Worth every penny. This program has a way better interface [than piano marvel] and a virtual teacher that responds in real-time to your playing. I found Musiah the most fun and engaging to learn from and that's why I stuck with it. Piano learning software has come a long way. This software kicks ass!

Musiah Review: "Finished the course... Loved every minute"

In this Musiah Review, our newest Musiah writes, “Last week I finished the course. And I loved every minute of it… The real benefit of the Musiah method is that you never stand still. There’s always something new to learn and it’s done the proper way... I bore strangers at parties about it. I’d urge anyone in the middle of Musiah to stick with it. It’s a fabulous way to learn the basics.”

Musiah Review: “The Impact On Me Has Been Profound”

In this latest Musiah Review, Elias Harfouch who recently completed the Musiah course writes: “The impact of the program on me has been profound” and describes “amazing benefits; beyond even the most dedicated of teachers” such as “Musiah's way of teaching us about the transcendent power of music to overcome barriers and challenges and give people hope… but perhaps the greatest gift I've received is self-belief… I would strongly recommend this program to anyone of any age or background and can't endorse it highly enough.”

Musiah Review: "So Grateful To Have Found Musiah"

I happened across Musiah’s piano lessons on YouTube. It sounded intriguing so I downloaded it. Thank God I did. It’s amazing. After less than two weeks, I can’t quite believe the progress I’ve made. The program doesn’t just teach you technique, but also deeper lessons about patience and determination. I’m so grateful to have found Musiah. It’s become a wonderful obsession.

Musiah Review: Really Revolutionary Piano Lessons

In this review of Musiah’s online piano lessons, adult student Jacquie, age 38, from Drouin Victoria shares her experience of taking piano lessons online with Musiah. Find out why, in her words, Musiah "really is revolutionary" as you are "catapulted into an imaginative world where learning [piano] is easy and [musical] challenges are fun".

Musiah Review Finds Musiah "A Blessing To The Whole World"

In this very candid review of Musiah's piano tuition, Michael — a young man from Melbourne — describes how Musiah's technology combined with the storyline keeps him engaged, refreshed and interested in learning piano. Find out why, in his view, Musiah is an "amazing, cost effective, resource efficient, high quality product" and a "blessing to the whole world".

Musiah Piano Lesson Review By Computer Science Student

Would you sell your iPhone so you could buy a keyboard? In this remarkable review of Musiah’s online piano / keyboard lessons by Luis Miguel Samperio, a 24 year old computer science student from Spain with a passion for learning music and a keen interest in A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), Luis tells us why he did exactly that.

Musiah Review By Adult Student Of Musiah Online Piano Lessons

Musiah Online Piano Lessons Review: In the words of a Musiah student: "I must tell you, Musiah exceeded my expectations and is too perfect for words… in one day of using Musiah not only did I learn more but everything I had tried to understand fell into place… The joy (and relief) of successfully auditioning a piece is incredible… I am so appreciative of the work you have put into developing this software. I know it must’ve been such a lot of work but I know it will change many lives as it has mine already." Read the full review…