Musiah Review: “I Found These Lessons Better Than My Piano Teacher!”

Musiah piano lessons student Deena

"I cannot thank you enough for this unique, amazing and innovative program."

Musiah piano lessons student DeenaBefore joining Musiah, my main hesitation was that I was not sure that Musiah could really help me as an adult student with minimal piano experience (4 months of private piano lessons) to learn piano faster and more effective than having an actual teacher. 

When I tried out the lessons I was very impressed and immediately liked the way of teaching (easy and fun). It’s like having my private teacher available for me 24/7, whenever it suits my time at my home. In fact I found it better than my piano teacher!

The aspect of the lessons I like most is the instant feedback from Musiah on what I play if my notes are right or wrong, or if my timing is off, which makes the practice more effective, rather than playing in a wrong way and waiting for a week until my next piano lesson to be corrected by the teacher. That significantly slows down the process of learning.

There are three other benefits in particular that appeal to me:

  1. It's available for me 24/7 whenever it's suits me. I don't have to worry about re-scheduling the lessons because of my work commitments.
  2. Well structured. Nice games to teach the note and sight reading.
  3. Excellent support from the Musiah team, especially Brendan Hogan the inventor himself. When I have any issue or concern, he is just an email away!

I would definitely recommend Musiah for everyone interested in learning piano or keyboard, especially the adult students who think it's difficult to learn something new.

I'm so glad that I have enrolled in Musiah. It has been my life-long dream to play the piano and Musiah is making my dream come true. I'm really enjoying my lessons and happy with my progress.

I cannot thank you enough for this unique, amazing and innovative program.

Dr. Deena M - Galali, Bahrain


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