Reviews By Parents

Musiah Review: The Best App For Learning Keyboard Or Piano

Really amazing: The best app for learning keyboard or piano. Nothing else comes close. My son can read music and he taught his little brother. Wonderful app!

Musiah Review: Fantastic Piano Lessons That Really Worked For My Son

Fantastic piano lessons app, engaging enough for a 10 year old to stick with it for 10 months unto completion. I recommend Musiah as it really worked for my son.

Musiah Review: Boy’s Skills Amaze Piano Professor

Musiah Review: Young boy amazes college piano professor with skills learned in Musiah online piano lessons, especially reading skills & how advanced he was for his age.

Musiah Review: Piano Lessons That Make You Smile

Musiah Review: We enjoy Musiah very much! Love the stars, progress reports, clever animation, song choices, animals throwing fruit when you fail... it is too fun. Jenny says when she learns piano with Musiah that her smile is too big for her face.

Musiah Review By A Mum Whose Young Son Is Learning Piano Online

Musiah online piano lessons review by a mum whose young son, George, is learning piano / keyboard online with Musiah: “Musiah is fantastic!” in her words, “the improvement is unbelievable.”

Musiah Review: “My Kids Learned More With Musiah Than An Instructor"

Musiah Review: “My kids have learned more in the past 2 months of regular Musiah instruction than they ever learned in their first year + of piano lessons with an instructor… It is so user friendly, fun for the kids, takes so much pressure off parents… and the price is amazing!” writes Becky from Utah USA, a mother of two children who are learning piano with Musiah.

Musiah Review: A Superb Way To Start A Youngster On Piano

In this latest Musiah Review, Bob Corson from Texas writes; “For our family Musiah was a superb way to start a youngster on learning piano and learning to read music… I am convinced Musiah is one of the finest learning tools for anyone to learn piano.”

Musiah Review: Family Of Musicians Recommends Musiah Piano Lessons

In this piano lessons review, a family of musicians highly recommend Musiah. They were really surprised & impressed with the level of fluency of their youngest child who has learned the note names, key signatures, time signatures and tempo and she plays with both hands and knows chords.

Musiah Review: Fun Keyboard Instruction, Music Theory & Reading Skills

In this Musiah review, Matt Columbine writes, "as a former professional musician myself, one of the things I appreciate the most about Musiah, is its very heavy focus on quality Music Theory. I am amazed at how Musiah has captured my family’s imagination and enthused them to develop their keyboard and piano skills".

Musiah Review: Mom Compares Musiah To Private Piano Teacher

In this new Musiah review, Rebecca, a mom from Utah in the U.S.A., compares her son’s experience of learning piano online with Musiah to the private piano lessons he had for more than two years before trying Musiah’s online piano lessons. Find out why, in her words, Musiah is “the perfect piano program “ and “an answer to our prayers”.

Musiah Review: Blogger Mum Reviews Musiah Online Piano Lessons

Musiah Review: I was delighted to come across this review of Musiah's online piano lessons written by a mum who is currently learning piano through Musiah with her son. This is an unsolicited review written on her own blog. Check it out.