Musiah Review: “A Top Class Piano Teacher At Your Beck And Call”

Musiah Review: “A Top Class Piano Teacher In Your Home At Your Beck And Call”“If you want a guarantee that you will choose an excellent piano teacher, then Musiah is for you.”

I have been using Musiah for twelve months now, and it is time to write a review.

When buying a product, there are three questions to consider.

1) What is the product designed to do?

2) Is this what I need?

3) Does the product deliver?

Musiah is designed to put a top class piano teacher in your home at your beck and call to take you from the level of a complete beginner up to a level where you can say ‘I can play the piano’.

If you can’t afford private one-to-one piano lessons, or can’t fit regular lessons into your schedule, or simply want a guarantee that you will choose an excellent piano teacher, then Musiah is for you.

If you want access to a library of 1000 songs to practice, or want to upload your own songs,* then Musiah is not for you – it is not designed for that.

Does Musiah deliver?

The program works well. There are very few glitches. On rare occasions, you have to close the program down and open it again, but this is not a hardship.**

Playing the piano is difficult. You have to coordinate both hands, and follow two lines of music.

Musiah is designed so that every level that the student finishes results in solid, clear improvement. Each level is a challenge, but each level delivers results.

I have very little musical ability. I’m sure that everybody will find, like I did, that there are places in Musiah which will be heavy going for you. This is the nature of learning an instrument.

But if you keep going, these challenges can be overcome, and you will be rewarded with a definite increase in your skill.

The secret is to practice SLOWLY. Musiah allows you to home in on the bars you find difficult and practice them as slowly as you dare. Use this facility. Use it often.

In short, Musiah can be recommended for people who want a good piano teacher and are prepared to work hard to follow the teaching.

Steven C – Merseyside, United Kingdom


Notes from Brendan Hogan – Musiah Inventor

Sincere thanks for your review Steven. I'm really glad the lessons are working well for you.

* We are looking at adding the ability to import MIDI files / MusicXML files so students can teach themselves any pieces they wish in the Practice Area. This feature will soon be added.

** Re the occasional glitch; on a Windows 10 computer, this may or may not be an issue in the Musiah app, for example, it could be a Unity issue, a network issue or an issue relating to other programs or services running in the background. I'm always interested to check things out to reduce the likelihood of issues generally. So, if it happens again, after restarting the app, please feel free to submit a support ticket by clicking Help > Support Ticket within the app. This will send me some diagnostic info I can check including events just prior to the restart.


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