Musiah Review: A Piano Tuition App Similar To An Actual Teacher

Rafael G - Musiah Piano Lessons Student“I definitely like that someone is actually speaking to you letting you know what needs to be worked on.”

Originally I thought I would not be able to use the Musiah piano lesson program because I did not have a Windows computer at home. I have an Android tablet and a Chromebook but they are not supported. I was able to borrow a Windows laptop.

After my initial concern about not being able to use the program without an iPad or Windows PC I was happy to see that Musiah was different than other programs because of the real time feedback in the program.

I definitely like that the feedback is instantaneous and someone is actually speaking to you letting you know what needs to be worked on or if you're doing well. Similar to what I would think it would be having an actual teacher.

I would say the convenience of being able to do it anytime of the day is a big appeal to me. I have a pretty busy schedule and sometimes I don't get to practice till late which would be impossible for the most part if I had to go out for lessons.

Being able to connect my keyboard via MIDI and have it show up in real time as I hit the piano notes was a big factor for me. This is definitely better than just practicing with a book in my opinion. It works to help you with timing and the accuracy of your notes. 

The price is also a big factor for using Musiah being very affordable.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Musiah. I was quite impressed with the program technically and the customer service was excellent. I emailed him [Musiah Inventor, Brendan Hogan] with a question and some concerns about a particular section I was having difficulty with and he was able to help me with some advice how to get past my difficulties. After getting past that section to my surprise he emailed me to follow up and congratulate me. He actually tracked my progress. 

Pretty awesome!

All I can say is I think it's a really great program and pretty much anyone who wants to learn the piano can benefit from it. I don't use the interface that's intended for children. I use the more straightforward interface and I really like it. I find myself feeling quite motivated and having a good laugh along the way.

Thank you Brendan!

Rafael G – Edmonds, Washington, United States


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