Online keyboard lessons – What exactly are they?

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The Musiah keyboard lessons app in action

So you’re looking for keyboard lessons online... but do you really know what you’re looking for?

If you’ve used a search term like “online keyboard lessons”, “how to play keyboard” or similar, chances are that you own a MIDI keyboard (which you presumably want to learn to play) but the term “keyboard lessons” itself can often be confusing as it can mean different things.



What does the term “keyboard lessons” really mean?

The 3 most common meanings of the term “keyboard lessons” are:

  1. Keyboard lessons featuring one-finger chords
  2. Keyboard lessons featuring block chords
  3. Piano lessons on a keyboard

1) Keyboard lessons featuring one-finger chords

These are keyboard lessons in which you learn to read and play the melody notes in your right hand and in the left hand you learn to play “one-finger chords” (which are sometimes referred to as “single-finger chords” or “Casio chords”) while reading chord symbols for the left hand on the sheet music. 

The downside to this type of lessons is that you are not learning to read or play left hand notes properly, so you will be very limited in the kinds of songs you will be able to play. Also, you cannot just use any standard MIDI keyboard with these lessons. Typically you'll need a Casio brand keyboard with the 'Casio' chord feature. So, not only do we not recommend this kind of keyboard lesson, even if you are considering this approach, you may need to buy a different keyboard.

2) Keyboard lessons featuring block chords

These are keyboard lessons in which you learn to read and play the melody notes in your right hand and in the left hand you learn to play “block chords” or “triads” (three-finger chords).

Sometimes this type of keyboard lessons will have chord symbols written on the sheet music, and sometimes the chords are written as notes on on the bass staff on the sheet music (with or without chord symbols above the treble staff).

While this approach is a little better than using one-finger chords, it still falls a long way short of learning to read and play the left hand notes properly and will severly limit the kinds of songs you will be able to play.

3) Keyboard lessons that are really piano lessons on a keyboard

These are lessons in which you are really learning to play piano, i.e. you are learning to read and play the notes properly in each hand (on both the treble and bass staves).

The only reason the term “keyboard lessons” is sometimes used in this context is because you (the student) are learning on a MIDI keyboard, usually for practical reasons such as the ability to connect your keyboard to a computer or iPad – but really you are receiving “piano lessons” on your keyboard.

In this type of lesson, the great thing is you are being taught to read and play music properly in both hands and you can readily transfer your skills and knowledge across to an acoustic piano at any time… So piano-style keyboard lessons are by far the best kind of “keyboard lessons”.


Where can I get the best premium keyboard lessons online?

View demo video of Musiah online keyboard lessons

Now that you understand the different meanings that can be associated with the term “keyboard lessons”, you’re probably wondering where to get premium (piano-style) keyboard lessons.

Fortunately, this is exactly what we provide at Musiah – the very best keyboard lessons you’ll find anywhere online or offline.

Our niche is A.I. keyboard lessons with the depth of instruction of a world-class teacher. There is no keyboard teaching system in the world like Musiah and nothing else that responds to your playing just like a traditional teacher in the way that Musiah does.

We can out-teach any other keyboard lessons or teacher, especially for students who are beginners or relative beginners.

Why? Because our teaching method was continually tested and refined over an 18 year period with 80,000 real life students and 800 live teachers personally trained and monitored by Musiah inventor Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A, A.Mus.A. before being embodied as a revolutionary software invention known as Musiah.

No other keyboard method has been so extensively tested in the real world and continually analyzed, re-worked and improved upon to bring you the unique approach to learning to play keyboard up to 16 times faster that only Musiah can offer.

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What you will learn in your Musiah keyboard lessons

pie chart showing breakdown of areas included in keyboard lessons

What you'll learn in keyboard lessons with Musiah

Musiah is the world’s first and only A.I. keyboard lessons app with the depth of instruction of a world-class teacher – making premium keyboard lessons more affordable than ever before.

As your A.I. keyboard teacher, Musiah speaks to you and, pointing to the sheet music, he guides you and responds to your playing just like a live teacher. There is no keyboard teaching system in the world like it.

“Musiah is so incredibly effective that students learn up to 16 times faster compared to when we used to teach the same syllabus in schools with live teachers,” says Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A, A.Mus.A, keyboard teaching expert and Musiah inventor.

When you learn how to play keyboard with Musiah, you’ll receive a tremendously well-rounded, authentic music education.

You’ll learn to play keyboard properly with both hands, how to read sheet music with ease… rhythm, scales, chords, ear training, music theory and more. Musiah will even teach performance skills.

To find out more see What Will I Learn?


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How do Musiah keyboard lessons work?

Musiah works by connecting a MIDI keyboard to an iPad or PC / Mac computer.

The course takes you from beginner to advanced keyboard player in the shortest time possible, empowering you by giving you real skills which means you'll quickly gain the ability to teach yourself any song you choose.

“I cannot thank you enough for this amazing software. There are times after completing a lesson when I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the point of tears. I do believe you have forever changed my life,” says Rebecca Ramirez of Hemet, Calif., one of many delighted Musiah customers.

Great teaching is at the heart of everything Musiah does. Musiah is not just keyboard lessons. It’s a deeply considered holistic approach to learning and self-development that empowers students to realize their true learning potential.

Plus, it’s fun – as well as plenty of games, there’s even an optional story mode that allows you to learn as a character in an adventure story set in the future.

And with great value plans, Musiah is very affordable. View pricing

If you have a dream to play keyboard (or piano), this is the most effective, affordable and practical way to learn. And you can get started right now with just a few clicks.

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