Musiah Review: “I’d recommend Musiah over a regular piano teacher”

Musiah Review: “I recommend Musiah over a regular piano teacher”

"I've been very happy with Musiah's instruction and I feel like I'm really learning rapidly!"

Once I found Musiah and read about what it was, I didn't have any hesitation starting the free trial. It seemed like Musiah was perfect for me! The free trial cemented this feeling.

Everything I hoped for in the application was realized. I live on an island, and there aren't a lot of piano teachers for adults, especially those who could accommodate my schedule. So learning from a program that could give me immediate feedback and teach me whenever I was playing is perfect.

What I love best about Musiah is the way that each lesson builds up to the audition.

In addition, you can practice each piece with right, or left, or both hands, and with or without the backing track.

I want to always score over 98% on the audition on the fast pace before I move on, and this is a great way to achieve that, so that I feel that I'm really getting the practice I need to improve and I've begun to really learn what the lesson is teaching.

I also love that I can use Musiah whenever I want: at my lunch break when I work from home, at night before bed, or in the morning when I get up. It's perfect that way. I can practice, get interrupted, and resume right where I left off.

I also really like how I can either get the feedback from the program, or just skip it, like when I'm trying a piece over and over again and I know exactly what I did wrong, or when I try it for the first time, and want a clear explanation of how I need to improve.

Finally, I really like the scoring, broken out by timing, duration and notes. It's key to hit them all and each piece challenges these scores differently. It really helps to focus on playing the piece well, as written in the score.

I would absolutely recommend Musiah for all the advantages I mention above.

It's great for people who have an electronic keyboard and for whom a typical teacher isn't ideal. Indeed, I'd even recommend Musiah over a regular piano teacher, unless said teacher was absolutely top notch... and there are very few of those to be found.

I've been very happy with Musiah's instruction and I feel like I'm really learning rapidly, and at whatever pace I choose. It's excellent!

As a funny side-benefit, I've also found that I sleep better when I use Musiah to practice shortly before bed. It allows me to really focus on my playing and forget all the other random things that come up, making it easier to set all that aside when I go to sleep. Thanks, Musiah!

Jack C – Bainbridge Island, Washington, United States


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