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computer scientist reviews musiah piano lessons

"Very importantly: Musiah has taught me how to approach new music with confidence."

computer scientist reviews musiah piano lessonsI am 66 and had some piano lessons in my youth. These were not very successful - actually, I found them uninspiring and I learned little. I learned to play the notes to a certain degree, however I never had the feeling that I was making music. 

I have always loved music, however, and now I am finding myself with a desire to properly learn to play the piano.

As an aside: Professionally I am a retired mathematician and computer scientist as well as an emeritus professor in software architecture and design, so I am naturally interested in didactic aspects as well as in software techniques. Thus Musiah does interest me from several points of view.

The lessons I find excellent, and I am learning more, and faster, than I would have thought possible.

The pace is good, and now that I am progressing the material gets more challenging. Good!

Most importantly, I am enjoying the lessons. I am impressed with the overall quality of the program.

The AI is overall very good and generally understanding of my needs and possibilities.

I have read your posting on the AI in Musiah and found it very interesting.

I also think it is a good thing that the program lets me progress to the next item only when I have completed the current one, and will not allow me to progress faster than I really can.

Overall, the didactic quality of the lessons I find excellent. No comparison to some other courses that I have tried, which I found rather dull, even if covering the right ground.

I respect and admire your work and I wish Musiah all the best!

Jeroen B, Ph.D - Den Haag, Netherlands

Post Script after completing the course:

I have now completed the course and I have to say that my impressions have not changed. At the end of the course, the pieces got more and more challenging but every step prepared me for the next one, so I never found that any of them was above my abilities.

The “game” format is very stimulating, and the story I find entertaining and very well done.

For me personally, the primary goal was to develop technical skill: rhythm, fingering, tempo, etc., and to use this as a starting point for further development. This has been amply realized.

And very importantly: Musiah has taught me how to approach new music with confidence.

I am now learning new pieces and I find that I am well prepared to do so.

So, Musiah has definitely opened up new possibilities for me.

Jeroen B, Ph.D - Den Haag, Netherlands


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