Musiah Review: In A League Of Its Own

Musiah piano lessons student Reinhard Ebol"Incomparable... in my opinion even better than an actual instructor. It is simply in a league of its own."

I came across this amazing application or software by chance on YouTube. Having watched some of Musiah’s videos featuring students playing beautiful and complicated pieces which I could only perform in my dreams has left me wanting for more.

I then readily searched for its official site, registered and availed of the generous two-week trial. Needless to say, it was the best decision that I made thus far.

Those short but definitely sweet couple of weeks was more than adequate to refresh my meager knowledge I know about music.

I can play the keyboard by ear and have also dabbled into songwriting, since during my teenage years, my parents enrolled me in a music school, but being young and reckless, and having other priorities such as college life, I grew stubborn and became resistant to learning.

Hence, I squandered the opportunity of developing the talent and skill in playing the piano. I wasn’t even able to get past the first year but still managed to play at home and in our community church by resorting to the use of chords and ouido-ing [widowing, a.k.a. playing by ear]. 

And now, already in my thirties, I intend to right that wrong and take a second chance in learning how to read music and play the piano properly. I most certainly believe that the Musiah program, with its elaborate learning system, can pave the way in realizing that dream.

True to its claim, Musiah is the only online program that offers real piano lessons… and so much more.

This revolutionary application is the best in the market because it employs the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is unprecedented and a major breakthrough in the field of teaching music on the internet.

The AI serves as the instructor that readily gives inputs and feedbacks to its students, similar to having an actual or live music teacher.

Unlike other piano-learning applications or programs that would only change color (usually red) when you either hit a wrong note or played it prematurely or tardily, the Musiah program would go the extra length by meticulously pinpointing where you committed the error and explaining where and when you should play the note correctly.

The attention to even the littlest of details is truly remarkable which had me literally agape the first time. It was enough reason to convince me that I need to subscribe and complete the program. 

My usual problem before whenever I would play the keyboard was the tendency to speed up or go fast when I would get excited or overwhelmed playing a song. I would get out of synch with the rhythm or tempo especially when there was no accompaniment or backing track.

Now with Musiah, I am able to sensibly time my speed and stay within the appropriate tempo of any melody. Thanks to this wonderful software, I am given a fresh start in my musical endeavor.

The intricacy on how the lessons are presented is a testament to the amount of dedication and passion Sir Brendan Hogan and his team invested in creating and developing an innovative application that aims to truly teach aspiring piano players like me.

Every single note in the musical staff is given emphasis. A hand with a ruler (presumably that of the fictional character aptly named Musiah) would come out on the screen and guide you in carefully reading and playing each note.

The intuitive AI has even more patience than my music teacher had before (whose only use of a ruler or pencil was to casually tap my fingers whenever I played a wrong note or whenever my fingers were not bent or curved). 

One major advantage and benefit of the application is its online accessibility. Especially for someone like me who works overseas, with no access to music schools or luxury of time to travel to other cities weekly just to study, I can merely stay at home and practice whenever I can, at my own pace.

More importantly, I can keep on repeating the same lesson, without having to worry about time constraints, that I need to complete a specific task within a given period. It is also worth noting that even when on the road, I can still play and practice with the use of the in-app virtual piano keyboard.

Prior to finding Musiah, I also tried searching for websites that offer lessons with actual or live piano teachers through video calls, only to be taken aback by the daunting rates or prices. Not to mention, the varying fees per session, from fifteen minutes to a maximum of an hour.

Musiah, on the other hand, is reasonably, if not, affordably priced. It is delightful to know that a monthly subscription fee of Musiah is equivalent to or even less than a single hour of professional fee of a live piano teacher (through video call).

Best of all, regardless whether it’s the monthly or yearly subscription of Musiah, up to six family members may be enrolled in a single account. With the extent of learning and skills one can acquire through the Musiah program in such a brief amount of time, its subscription rates are unbeatable and unrivaled.

Another thing that I love about the application is how friendly the User Interface (UI) is. It is suitable for both young and adult students.

Everything is simplified for ease of learning yet complicated enough to keep the students engaged and interested.

The inclusion of an animated story mode geared for the young, is a game-changer in piano teaching, which can also be enjoyed by more mature learners. This adds more dynamics and excitement, and ultimately making the entire learning experience worthwhile and rewarding.

These are only a few of the numerous things that I already love about Musiah considering I only began using the program.

I am confident that it will continue to surprise me with amazing lessons that will draw me closer to becoming a true piano player, someone who plays not only by ear, but also able to read sheet music and turn them into a beautiful melody, and hopefully, later on, even be able to pen my own songs.

To Sir Brendan and his team, thank you for your commitment and generosity in crafting a groundbreaking and intuitive application that does what it says, and that is to genuinely teach piano hopefuls like me. And also thank you for patiently attending to all my queries and concerns.

To my fellow enthusiasts, take the leap and enjoy the plunge into the wonderful world of music through this amazing software. After all, there is nothing to lose but a lot to gain. 

Musiah sets the bar high in piano lessons. It is incomparable to any overrated and overhyped application. In my opinion, even better than an actual instructor. It is simply in a league of its own.

Reinhard E - Philippines


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