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How Musiah Guides You Towards Success At Learning Piano

Struggling to play a particular piano piece? Battling nerves? Frustrated at not being able to play as well as you’d like to? Musiah can help… learn how.

Learning piano as an adult – why age is no barrier: Musiah

Adults often believe learning piano is easier for kids – but is it? The truth is; adults have several key advantages over kids when it comes to learning to play piano. Adults already understand more about music than is often realized, plus they have other skills and abilities that kids just don’t have.

Can Musiah Teach You To Play Piano Expressively?

This article examines the questions; can Musiah (an A.I. piano teacher) teach you to play expressively – even beautifully? And at what point in a student’s musical development is it appropriate to emphasize playing with expression?

Piano Lessons And The Art Of Fun

When you face a challenge do you get frustrated? Or annoyed? Or are you instead having fun? On your piano lessons journey, and in life generally, you will inevitably encounter challenges. This article reveals a powerful yet simple strategy to help you relax and have fun as you face challenges both in life and in piano lessons.

Can Playing Piano Help You Lose Weight?

Ever wondered how many calories you burn playing piano? And whether playing piano can help you lose weight? Discover how piano scales may help you on the weighing scales!

Piano Lessons Are Great But What Comes Next After You Finish Musiah?

Piano lessons questions: How do you continue your piano lessons journey beyond your current lessons? How do you know when you no longer need a piano teacher?

A Piano Lessons App That's “More Human Than A Teacher”

Most folks wouldn’t assess a human piano teacher the way they assess a piano lessons app. But what if an app was actually modeled on a human teacher? If you only give it a brief try (assuming there is little beneath the surface), you might never discover the years of tuition, knowledge and wisdom a truly special app might have to impart.

Brain Training: How Musiah Piano Lessons Boost Academic Results

Have you ever heard that there’s a connection between music and medicine? Anecdotally, people who study music, especially piano, often tend to go on to become doctors or high academic achievers in other fields. There is a reason for this. At Musiah we not only understand this, we’ve come up with a way to maximize the academic benefits / brain-training you will receive from your piano lessons.

A Tribute To My Dad Who Introduced Me To Learning To Play Piano

In this tribute to his father who sadly passed away recently, piano teacher and Musiah inventor Brendan explains why one of the best things his Dad did for him was introducing him to learning to play piano and subsequently NOT letting him give up. This article is a heart-felt thank you from a son to a father for being a great Dad and for giving him the life-long gift of music.

Moonlight Sonata played by Musiah piano student

In this video, piano student Ali H plays Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, which he taught himself using skills he learned in Musiah’s online piano lessons. Enjoy :)

Why Kids Who Learn Music (especially piano) Are Nice Kids

The benefits of learning music have a reach that is far and wide in the development of all people, especially young people. For all sorts of reasons, the gift of music really is the greatest gift we can give our kids.

The Proof Is In The Pudding — Musiah Online Piano Lessons Really Work

Online Piano Lessons That Really Work: Meet Michael who completed the Musiah course 16 times faster than students learning the same syllabus with live teachers.

Piano Lessons And Patience: Learn Both You Must – Advice To Live By

This article examines how learning piano will teach you the lost art of patience. Only patience, giving each task the time and focus it deserves, will result in effective, rewarding, enjoyable learning. This message is now more important than ever as more and more people are losing the ability to focus and instead are becoming increasingly impatient — which leads to shorter concentrations spans and learning difficulties that kill our ability to listen deeply and to absorb information.

Learning Piano: How To Use Small Clear Goals As Steps To Success

When learning piano, it’s important to set small clear goals every time you practice. Discover why this is important and how it will help you achieve long term goals in piano and in life.

Can You Really Teach Yourself Piano Online?

Can you really teach yourself how to play piano / keyboard effectively? Absolutely. With Musiah, teaching yourself piano / keyboard is so hyper-effective it almost needs to come with a warning. In this article, Musiah inventor Brendan Hogan offers tips and insights to help students manage their rapid intake of knowledge and skills. Buckle up for the ride.

Learning Piano – The Key To Success: Learn Piano Online With Musiah

This article examines how learning piano can help you unlock your ability to learn anything want to learn.

78 Year Old Student Of Musiah Piano Lessons Achieves Great Results

Meet Bev Barton, the 78 year old Musiah piano student from Burnside, Victoria who is giving youngsters a run for their money. In this article, we celebrate the achievements of this very special student...

Revealed: The Real Key To Success

Revealed: The real key to success. Want to play piano like a world class pianist? Or perhaps you want to be a great doctor, scientist or computer programmer? Whatever your goal, the secret to success is revealed in this article.

Where Will My Musiah Piano Lessons Take Me?

Are you ready to have your 'musical tea leaves' read? This article answers all your questions on such topics as 'What will I be able to play when I have completed the course?' 'What happens after the course?' 'Will I need private lessons?' 'Will I be able to play by ear/ accompany a choir / improvise?' and many more...