Musiah Review: Musiah Is My Hero ā€“ Incredible, Remarkable Software

Musiah Review: Musiah Is My Hero – Incredible, Remarkable Piano Lessons Software

"Thank you, thank you! Your software is incredible! In your debt always"

Musiah Review: Musiah Is My Hero – Incredible, Remarkable Piano Lessons SoftwareThank you, thank you! Your software is incredible! I am a 50 year old Puppeteer from the United States that always dreamed of playing the keyboard, but knew it was probably far too complex. Your game approach looked fun enough to give it a try. Remarkable! I am actually reading music, playing the keyboard and having a blast!

When I was on “America’s Got Talent”, in front of 14 million people, I thought all of my dreams had come true. But, there was one goal I had never been able to achieve, and that was to play a musical keyboard.

Oh, I tried many times over the years. Piano lessons when I was younger did not work well because it was only 1 hour each week with a teacher. That was not enough ‘one on one’ instruction time. I would forget everything I learned during the week. I also found I was practicing incorrectly and had to wait until the next class to find out what I was doing wrong!

So I tried self teaching books, but they were boring and never motivated me to continue learning. Self teaching books also gave no input on how I was performing on the lesson.

It is embarrassing that the only F grade I ever received getting my College Degree, was in a Keyboard class! I had given up.

Thank you for giving me hope!

Musiah actually made me ‘want’ to get to the next lesson. It was not boring at all and the story motivated me to continually move forward. The story, music, animation and game play are top notch. I was very impressed.

I could not believe after just a few fun lessons I was like, “Hey, I am actually playing a musical keyboard. Maybe I can do this!”

The teacher, Musiah, is so patient and kind. His teaching is clear, fun and his patience knows no end. I once had to try a piece of music a dozen times before I mastered it, and Musiah remained calm, helpful and supportive the entire time. That in turn, made me feel calm and want to continue until I could successfully play the song.

Three other benefits of Musiah’s online piano lessons that particularly appeal to me are:

1) The story made me want to work for the next goal, and learning to play the music became a fortunate bonus.

2) The practice games are well balanced and beneficial. I love that they do not treat me like a kid but are still fun to play! I appreciate that.

3) I can practice in my bathrobe? Count me in!

I definitely would encourage anyone who has failed many times before to try Musiah for one big reason. It is different than the others.

I have not seen a program that incorporated a story before. This drives a student to ‘want’ to move to the next lesson and makes achieving that lesson both fun and rewarding.

Well, I think that about covers everything. Don’t tell me the end of the story I want to find out myself! I have 6 teenagers and I am going put them on Musiah also. I wanted to get a head start first so they don’t spoil the ending for me.

It really is an amazing deal, 6 people for just one monthly fee? That rocks!

Thank you again for making this wonderful program.

Oh, one last thing. I love the way I can play 10 minutes at a time and then run off to work and my piano teacher is always patiently waiting for my return. With 6 kids and running my own business I do this a lot!

Thanks for inventing the virtual music keyboard teacher! Musiah is my hero!

Jonathan W - Longwood, Florida, United States


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