Reviews By Parents Learning With Kids

Musiah Review: Incredible Value For Money

Very engaging, so much fun to learn piano this way. I’m improving at such a rapid pace & enjoying this invaluable method of teaching, incredible value for money.

Musiah Review After Extensive Research Into Piano Programs

After extensive research into piano programs, I found Musiah “really like an expert watching over your shoulder to accelerate your progress and make piano learning fun”.

Musiah Review: “In Just A Few Months We Have Advanced So Much.”

Musiah Review: I just wanted to let you know how happy my family is with Musiah. My three kids (7, 9 and 11 years old) and I (44 years old) are learning to play the piano. I can't believe that in just a few months we have advanced so much. We are actually READING MUSIC. I feel like there is actually someone looking after Musiah and their students very closely.

Musiah Review: Musiah Piano Lessons Bring Father And Son Together

In this review article, meet an adult piano student who shares how Musiah piano lessons have helped him become more connected with his son.

Musiah Review: School Teacher Evaluates Musiah Piano Lessons

Melbourne school teacher Craig shares his thoughts on Musiah piano lessons and evaluates this form of online piano lessons from a teacher’s perspective.

Musiah Review: My Daughter Wanted To Quit Piano – Now Loves Musiah

Musiah Review by mum whose daughter, after 4 years of traditional lessons, wanted to give up learning piano – until they found Musiah… “wonderful program”.

Musiah Review: “We love Musiah – Our 3 children have all finished it"

In this Musiah Review, Maria L shares her family’s experience of piano lessons with Musiah. “We love Musiah – Our 3 children have all finished the lessons… The kids really enjoy it… Recently, our 3 children have performed in front of a lot of people. Our family and friends are really impressed with how they have improved over the past 2 years.”

Musiah Review: "The greatest thing I've ever done for my kids"

Melody C and her 4 children are taking piano lessons with Musiah. In this review, Melody writes: “This program is the greatest thing I have ever done for my home-schooled children… can’t say enough good things about it… Don’t change a thing!”

Musiah Review: "Amazing Method And Skill-Building Tool – It WORKS!"

In this Musiah Piano Lessons Review, Nate Delahunty writes “Thank you again for building such an amazing method and skill-building tool. I am a huge fan and a proponent of your work because it…. WORKS! I just cannot contain my excitement that Musiah has given me access to a life-long dream of playing the piano. I cannot get enough of it”.

Musiah Review: Mom Of Six Loves Musiah

Musiah Review: There are so many great things about Musiah… I am a very busy mom. I have six children and I love that I can fit my lessons in whenever I get a spare moment. I love how the program breaks everything down into simple steps so that it is easy to get through a song. The program is also really encouraging. I would highly recommend Musiah to anyone who ever thought they would like to play the piano. With Musiah, ANYONE can learn to play the piano.

Musiah Review: Why Musiah Works Wonders For Kids & Adults

Having been on a mission to find the perfect piano tutor / piano lessons solution to enable him to learn piano with his daughter, this Melbourne Dad reveals why choosing Musiah was “the best decision I have made as far as piano learning is concerned”.

Musiah Review: Kids Online Piano Lessons Reviewed By Father Of 5

Kids piano lessons online reviewed by by a father of 5. In this article, Oscar Ortiz Sr. shares his family's experience of learning piano with Musiah's online piano lessons, including four videos showing how well his kids are learning both in terms of their playing skills and their ability to read piano sheet music.