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If you’re looking for the best piano lessons software for beginners or advanced students, for adults or kids, this page is for you.

Musiah's piano lessons software is a revolutionary new A.I. (Artificially Intelligent) software invention bringing you the very best piano lessons.

'Musiah' (as the product is known) is the world's first virtual piano teacher. Using the latest A.I. technology, he responds to your playing just like a live piano teacher.

At a glance... Why Musiah's Piano Lessons Software Is The Very Best

See for yourself why the Musiah piano lessons software is the very best piano lessons software available:

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  • how it compares to other piano lessons software,
  • how it compares to traditional piano lessons, and
  • what to look for when choosing a piano lesson software product.

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Why Choose Piano Lessons Software Over Traditional Piano Lessons?

A great piano lessons software product has many advantages over traditional piano lessons.

Reasons to use piano lessons software include:

  • Save money: piano lessons software is much cheaper than weekly private piano lessons
  • Save time: Zero travel to and from lessons
  • Convenience: Practice and learn piano at times that suit you
  • Practice and learn piano as intensively or as relaxed as you like
  • Progress with your piano lessons at your own pace
  • Experience quality piano lessons on an affordable MIDI keyboard instead of buying an acoustic piano up front — which normally costs thousands of dollars. (You can always upgrade to an acoustic piano later if you want to).

What Should You Look For When Choosing Piano Lessons Software?

When considering which piano lessons software to choose, ask yourself these top 12 questions for evaluating piano lessons software products:

1. How advanced is the technology in the piano lessons software?

2. Does the piano lessons software have a sound intellectual foundation in theory, technique, and does it use the best piano method?

3. How quickly can the piano lessons software teach you how to play piano?

4. How many lessons does the piano lessons software have? How long will it take for you to complete the course?

5. Will the piano lessons software keep you engaged?

6. What features does the piano lessons software include? Full backing-tracks? Videos? Charts? Games?

7. How easy to use is the piano lessons software?

8. How quickly can you get the piano lessons software? Is the software available as an instant download or do you have to wait for materials to arrive in the mail?

9. What kind of support comes with the piano lessons software?

10. How much does the piano lessons software cost?

11. If the piano lessons software is subscription-based, are you locked-in for a fixed-term?

12. What do other students say about Musiah's piano lessons software?

How Does Musiah's Piano Lessons Software Measure Up?

1. The world's most technologically advanced piano lessons software

There's a reason why Musiah's piano lesson software — incorporating the world's first A.I. (Artificially Intelligent) virtual piano teacher — took 4 years and a ton of money to develop.

It is by far the most technologically advanced piano lessons software in the world today.

In other forms of piano lessons software, the interactivity is limited to pressing the pause button during a video tutorial. Other piano lessons software products don't talk to you the way Musiah does. They can't prioritize which issues to help you with first. They don't understand your every move like Musiah does.

In A.I. terms, Musiah is a sophisticated expert system. An expert system, is a computer program that solves problems and gives advice in a specialized area of knowledge. The aim of an expert system is to match the quality and performance of a human expert in a given area — in this case piano lessons.

Musiah's piano lessons software incorporates several new aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

When Musiah assesses your piano playing, he uses unique algorithms to compare the current state (how you have just played the piece of music) with the goal state (how the piece of music should have been played). Musiah then considers such matters and whether you played extra notes, left notes out, played wrong notes, got your timing wrong, held some notes for too long or not long enough.

Then, depending on your individual situation, Musiah selects the issues he needs to address, the order in which he should best address them, and the actions he needs to take to guide and coach you until the current state of your piano playing is transformed into the goal state.

Through these approaches, Musiah delivers seamless, natural piano tuition that is by far the most technologically advanced computer-based piano lessons available in the world today.

So don’t be fooled by the many claims you will find on the Internet about products purporting to be a virtual piano teacher, the best piano lessons (or similar). With patents pending in numerous countries around the world, there is only one truly artificially intelligent virtual piano teacher that truly delivers the best piano lessons available online or offline — Musiah's piano lessons software.

But don't take my word for it.

Why not experience this powerful new piano lessons software technology for yourself right now. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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2. The Musiah piano lessons software is based on the best piano method

Musiah’s piano lessons software is based on the most solid foundation.

As a piano teacher, I have taught piano lessons and keyboard lessons privately and in schools for more than 30 years and have spent thousands of hours observing and coaching hundreds of teachers in the specialized art of delivering group piano lessons. I have the AMEB qualifications of Associate in Music Australia (A.Mus.A) and Licentiate in Music Australia (L.Mus.A).

In summary, Musiah's piano lessons software teaches piano lessons but students learn on a MIDI keyboard for obvious practical reasons — such as the ability to connect a keyboard to a computer.

Based on the traditional piano method, i.e. teaching students to read and play the notes in each hand properly (as opposed to learning piano by ear or by solfa names), the Musiah Piano Method uses a highly efficient combination of techniques to vastly improve the effectiveness of the traditional piano method, making it the best piano method available anywhere.

Research shows that students who learn piano with Musiah piano method learn 16 times faster than piano students learning the same syllabus through traditional lessons - and they have a lot more fun doing it.

Developed and refined over the last 21 years, the Musiah Piano Method has already been taught to over 80,000 students in Australia alone, and now through the Musiah piano lessons software, students all over the world are learning piano with the Musiah piano method.

The traditional method for learning piano, with my innovative refinements and additions over many years, is known as the Musiah piano method and is absolutely the best way to learn how to play piano.

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3. Musiah’s piano lessons software teaches you how to play piano 16 times faster than traditional piano lessons

A recent case study has shown that students who learned piano with Musiah’s piano lessons software all progressed well above the average progress rate of students learning the same syllabus through traditional piano lessons.

Although a lot of factors can influence a student’s progress — for example, the teacher’s effectiveness, the amount of practice, the student’s age, and so on — on average, beginner piano students aged between 7-12 over the course of a ten week school term will usually learn 4-6 pieces.

By contrast, students learning piano with Musiah’s piano lessons software learned up to 26 pieces over the same period — that's on average 5-8 times faster than students learning the same syllabus through traditional piano lessons, with some students progressing 10 times faster.

Since the above case study, we have gathered more data and discovered that students taking Musiah's online piano lessons over a longer period of time actually learn up to 16 times faster.

In summary, one of the main reasons why Musiah's piano lessons software is so effective is that Musiah (your virtual piano teacher) is available 24/7 to constantly support you every step of the way.

So it’s rather like having your piano teacher sit next to you all the time while you practice, and in this way, the line between practice time and lesson time becomes blurred.

Learning piano with Musiah piano lessons software is more like having a perpetual lesson, and this results in much greater efficiency in the student’s learning.

Would you like to...

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4. Musiah’s piano lessons software is equivalent to 5-6 years of traditional piano lessons in a lot less time

Musiah’s piano lessons software come with an incredible 13 levels. If a traditional piano lessons teacher taught you the 13 levels — teaching you the syllabus in a 30-minute lesson once a week — it would take you around 5-6 years to complete the 13 levels.

With the Musiah piano lessons software, it will take considerably less time, though this is of course depends on how much time each day you spend using Musiah’s piano lessons software.

In terms of the level of playing skills you will achieve, by the time you have mastered the final song in the Musiah piano course, you will have reached approximately a Grade 5-6 standard of playing.

What John Foreman Says About Musiah's Piano Lessons Software

music celebrity recommends Musiah piano lessons software

As Celebrity Music Maestro, John Foreman puts it...

“With Musiah’s piano lessons software, you will be able to achieve in weeks or months what might normally take years to do.”

“I think Musiah is fantastic... It is going to revolutionize the way people learn music. From what I have seen, Musiah's piano lessons software is absolutely the best value, the most convenient and the most fun way to learn piano.”

So there you have it, folks...

According to John Foreman, Musiah's piano lessons software is the best piano lessons solution and the fastest way to learn how to play piano.

So I invite you to try the Musiah piano lessons software Free for 14 Days now

OR continue reading to learn more...

5. Yes, Musiah’s piano lessons software will keep you engaged

A great piano teacher finds ways to motivate you, to help you to keep going. They make piano lessons fun, not boring.

On a lighter level, for little kids and big kids (adults), Musiah's piano lessons software uses a storytelling structure and comes as a fun online piano lessons game, with rewards, collectibles and fun performance challenges to keep you motivated.

Although Musiah is a serious tool for learning to play piano, whether you are an adult or a kid, you will want to keep learning partly because you'll want to find out what happens next.

Creating a welcoming, friendly, non-judgmental learning environment is important for encouraging students of all ages, and this is something the story-line and its characters help to achieve. After all, more than half our students are adults, and we adults need encouragement just as much as kids do.

And on a more philosophical level, in Musiah's piano lessons software, through the piano method I have developed and refined over many years, I use music as a means of empowering students to discover that they can teach themselves anything they want to learn.

Ultimately, all learning is self-learning, and the best piano teachers understand that they are not so much teachers as guides who help point their students in the right direction, as they gradually empower their students to teach themselves.

This is what John Foreman, pianist and musical director of many famous television shows, says about the Musiah piano lessons software:

  • “[Musiah’s piano lessons software] is going to open a whole lot of doors for young people who are interested in music but who might not necessarily have the patience to sit down and practice half an hour every day… Practicing music used to be a bit of a chore but with this program… kids are going to be coming back to the keyboard and coming back to the computer because they want to get to the next level.”
  • “For adults… I think sometimes we get shy about performing in front of people… For those people… you can practice in the privacy of your own home and get to a certain level before you surprise everybody with your skills.”

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6. Musiah’s piano lessons software is packed with features

Musiah's piano lessons software has so many features we can’t list them all. But here are a few to start with:

  • Musiah's piano lessons software uses its own high quality sounds. The sounds on your own keyboard aren’t used. Even if your keyboard has poor quality sound or no sound at all (as in the case of a midi-controller keyboard), the quality of sound you'll experience with Musiah's piano lessons software will be the equivalent of a high-end keyboard worth more than $1,000.00.
  • Musiah's piano lessons software comes with CD quality audio backing tracks, not the basic MIDI file backing tracks used by many video lessons currently available online.
  • Musiah's piano lessons software comes with ensemble pieces where you play one part while the other students (characters on the screen) play their parts with you. For example, in an ensemble piece, the virtual students might play bass, strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion parts while you play the piano part.
  • Musiah's piano lessons software offers a much higher level of interactivity than video style piano lessons.
  • Musiah has an optional adventure-based 'story mode' to encourage and motivate you to practice, play more, and achieve more.
  • Musiah's piano lessons software comes with unique progress metrics that offer a leader-board comparison with your peers so you can see how you're doing compared to other students who are using the Musiah piano lessons software.
  • Regular progress reports can also be sent by email to parents, relatives, and friends (it's up to you!).
  • With Musiah's piano lessons software, you can share videos of your piano performances in the Musiah Student Videos area.
  • Musiah's piano lessons software comes with a whole lot more: alien worlds, interactive games, practice areas, musical challenges, charts, and a cast of characters you’ll fall in love with, including Musiah himself — your very own virtual piano teacher.

GET STARTED — Begin your Musiah’s piano lessons software Free 14 Day Trial now.

7. Musiah’s piano lessons software is easy to use and makes learning to play piano easy

Easy to use:

Musiah piano lessons software is easy to use.

Simply download the Musiah piano lessons software, install it on a compatible computer or iPad, connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer or iPad, and start playing!

Makes learning to play piano easy:

And in terms of making it easy to learn to play piano, with

  • thoroughly planned lessons that have been prepared in minute detail and
  • easy to follow step-by-step instructions and guidance

Musiah's piano lessons software will have you reading music notes and playing piano sooner than you every thought possible.

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8. You can download Musiah’s piano lessons software right now

Unlike video lessons that come in the mail or teach-yourself-piano books and CDs, Musiah’s online piano lessons software comes as an instant download.

Simply SIGN UP to try Musiah's piano lessons software Free for 14 Days and within minutes you'll be downloading the software.

9. Musiah’s online piano lessons software is backed by exceptional support

Thousands of people are using Musiah’s online piano lessons software, which means Musiah should be a breeze to download and use! But if at any stage you need help, support is only a few clicks away.

Help is available from our;

  • FAQs
  • How To Videos
  • by clicking 'Support Ticket' (under 'Help') within the Musiah piano lessons software

Or you can contact me,  Brendan Hogan — Musiah Inventor, directly anytime HERE.

As I am passionate about quality support and service, I insist on responding to every email personally, so you can always be assured of a prompt, courteous, informed reply.

10. Musiah’s online piano lessons software costs much less than traditional piano lessons

Traditional piano lessons can cost $60 an hour per student — that’s a dollar-a-minute!

Even though Musiah's piano lessons software can teach you piano up to 16 times faster than traditional piano lessons, and comes with the added benefits of convenience, flexibility, and engagement, I believe piano lessons should be accessible to everyone.

That’s why I have made Musiah’s piano lessons software available for much less than traditional piano lessons. After your initial trial which gives you 14 Days of Free piano lessons, Musiah’s piano lessons cost very little per month and discounted rates are available if you pre-pay for 12 months. See pricing

Whichever plan you choose — monthly or yearly — for this one low fee, up to 6 (yes, SIX) members of your household can all learn piano with Musiah.

And there are no contracts, which means you’re not locked in for any particular term.

There’s no need to wait. You can GET STARTED in just a few minutes!

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11. Musiah’s online piano lessons software come with no obligation, and no risk.

There are no fixed-term contracts with Musiah’s online piano lessons software. You’re not locked in for any period of time. You can cancel your subscription whenever you like.

You have nothing to lose, and life-long gift of music to gain!

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12. What do students say about Musiah's piano lessons?

Musiah Reviews And Testimonials

In the words of one adult Musiah student (Ms Hayley Waterhouse) in a recent unsolicited email...

"I must tell you, Musiah exceeded my expectations and is too perfect for words… in one day of using Musiah not only did I learn more but everything I had tried to understand fell into place… The joy (and relief) of successfully auditioning a piece is incredible… I am so appreciative of the work you have put into developing this software. I know it must’ve been such a lot of work but I know it will change many lives as it has mine already."

Read Hayley's full Musiah Review

In another recent review, Michael Koureskas — a young man from Melbourne — describes how Musiah's technology combined with the storyline keeps him engaged, refreshed and interested in learning piano. In his view, Musiah is an "amazing, cost effective, resource efficient, high quality product" and a "blessing to the whole world".

Read Michael's full Musiah Review

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View Testimonials

From the abundance of extremely positive, enthusiastic feedback from parents and students (both adults and kids), it is clear that those who have tried Musiah's piano lessons say they really are the best piano lessons available anywhere online or offline.

So I invite you to see for yourself why Musiah's piano lessons are the best:

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As I mentioned above... Our videos, FAQ's and blog articles are a great source of information, but if you have any questions for me personally, please feel free to email me directly HERE.

Thanks again for visiting,

Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A., A.Mus.A.
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