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Piano lessons revolutionised!

In this special demo video, our unique A.I. online piano lessons software, Musiah, is demonstrated by Brendan Hogan, Piano Teacher and Musiah Inventor.

Discover how you can learn to play piano and read sheet music up to 16 times faster than traditional lessons and in much more depth than with other online piano lessons.

With Musiah, you'll learn how to play piano, how to read sheet music notes, melodies, chords, rhythms & music theory. Our course is a complete music education including scales, playing technique and more.

Video Transcript

"In addition to cost, one of the main weaknesses of traditional piano lessons is that from one week's lesson to the next, students are left to their own devices for the entire week.

By contrast, with Musiah, students are supported every step of the way 24/7, which is why Musiah students learn up to 16 times faster than students learning the same syllabus through traditional lessons and they have a lot more fun doing it.

What is Musiah?

Put simply, Musiah is the world's first and only A.I. piano teacher.

Using the latest A.I. technology, Musiah is a highly advanced software program modelled in minute detail on me [Brendan Hogan, Musiah Inventor]. So the program responds to your playing just as I would if I were sitting next to you.

It's like having me as your personal piano teacher available 24/7 with none of the costs or other disadvantages of a traditional piano teacher.

Most of our students are adults but Musiah is also suitable for children from age 7.

Using a PC, Mac or iPad, you can do the lessons in 'story' mode or 'pure' mode.

In 'story' mode, the lessons take place as part of an adventure story in which you, yourself, play as one of the main characters known as 'Earthling'. 

The story unfolds gradually as you progress through the course through videos, performance challenges and clues that are revealed at the end of each lesson.

Or, you can do the lessons in 'pure' mode which is pure tuition with no story or animations. 

This is how the lesson area looks in 'pure' mode. [Screenshot shown in video].

You can view the full page like this, or just a single stave. [Screenshots shown in video].

Ideally, you'll have a MIDI keyboard connected to your device, but if you don't have one to start with, there is a virtual keyboard you can use to play piano notes on a computer keyboard. [Shown in video].

Or if you're using an iPad or touchscreen, there's an on-screen keyboard you can play. [Shown in video].

Whichever mode you choose, Musiah guides you by speaking to you personally. [Demonstration shown].

And pointing to the sheet music, he explains where you need to improve. [Demonstration shown].

He teaches theory from the sheet music as well as from charts. [Demonstration shown].

If you don't know the answer to a theory question, Musiah helps you work it out. [Demonstration shown].

And if Musiah asks you to play a note on your keyboard, he helps you if you answer incorrectly. [Demonstration shown].

Musiah teaches you timing by tapping rhythms. [Demonstration shown].

And the lessons also include fun-filled revision games including note reading, symbol matching games, and note playing games. [Demonstration shown].

And at the end of each lesson, you audition your piece for Musiah with a full backing track. Plus, in story mode, the other student characters play other parts while you play your part. [Demonstration shown].

The higher your score, the more gold stars you earn, and these stars are used to unlock performance challenges at the end of each of the 13 levels. [Shown in video].

And there's even a dedicated Games Area where you can work on your note reading, note playing, memory training and ear training whenever you wish. [Shown in video].

These highlights are just a tiny fraction of what Musiah can do.

As you progress through the course, you'll discover how the tuition evolves as you continually encounter new teaching techniques, musical games and more that you won't see in the earlier levels.

Musiah is a vast, epic course delivering six years of traditional piano lessons in a way that can be learned in much less time.

Put simply, there is nothing else out there even remotely like Musiah or as effective.

With Musiah you can start as a complete beginner and by the time you have finished the course, you will have the music reading and playing skills to learn and play virtually any piece within reason in any style.

To get started, simply visit the Musiah website, click Free Trial and before you know it, you'll be playing like a pro."

By now, if you have watched the above video, you'll be starting to get just an inkling of the monumental scope and depth of the Musiah piano lessons app, syllabus and teaching method.

Musiah is a vast, epic course course bringing you six years of traditional piano lessons that, using Musiah, can now be completed and mastered in a fraction of the time.

It's a priceless invention at your fingertips that has the power to change your life.

So it is with great pride and steadfast dedication to your musical development that I warmly invite you to try Musiah for free.

Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A., A.Mus.A.
Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor


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