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Compare Different Piano Lessons At Home

Presumably, you have come across this page because you’re interested in piano lessons at home.

Perhaps you prefer piano lessons at home because travelling to piano lessons is too inconvenient (or impossible) or because you want to learn piano at times that suit you, in the privacy of your own home.

Whatever your reason, you have several options for taking piano lessons at home. Let’s look at these options and consider which is the best piano lessons option for you?

Books That Teach You Piano At Home

The market is crowded with “Teach Yourself Piano” books. Search Amazon for “Teach Yourself Piano” or “Piano Lessons At Home” and you will retrieve literally hundreds of results.

Books such as these have the advantage of a one-off cost, though some books can be surprisingly expensive. And often you’re expected to purchase a whole series of books in order to complete the piano course.

Also, teach-yourself-piano books provide no interaction — you literally must teach yourself. They provide no feedback on where you’re going wrong and no encouragement or motivation to persist.

With teach-yourself-piano books, you might start out enthusiastically with your piano lessons at home but, after a while, the books collect dust and are, along with your dreams of playing piano, forgotten.

Videos For Piano Lessons At Home

Videos and DVDs that teach piano lessons at home are more dynamic than the static words or notes on a printed page.

But videos that teach piano at home have the same disadvantages as books that teach piano lessons at home: they do not respond to your individual piano playing.

For a small number of people, books may even be the better option than DVDs or video instruction. Some people learn faster (and remember more) through the written word than through videos, at least where the visual instruction provides little interaction. You can read much more in the time it takes to hear and watch a piano teacher on screen.

Still, many people prefer, and do better with, the extra dynamism and the fuller sensory involvement that comes with videos that teach piano at home. So videos — of the two options considered so far — may be the better option for you.

Teachers Who Give Piano Lessons At Home

There are, of course, piano teachers who will come to your home to teach you piano.

As far as quality of instruction goes, a real-life piano teacher is the better option — of the options considered so far — for piano lessons at home.

A piano teacher can provide instant and expert feedback and instruction.

But if you hire a piano teacher who gives piano lessons at home, then you only have access to the piano teacher when it suits the teacher. Plus, you must consider costs. Piano teachers can cost a dollar-a-minute or more.

Some piano teachers even provide piano lessons at home using Skype and webcams. But, again, they charge the same or similar expensive rates as traditional piano teachers, they teach only once or twice a week, and are available at a time that suits them.

The main advantage to hiring a piano teacher to provide piano lessons at home — whether online or in real life — is you don’t have to travel anywhere to take your piano lessons.

But with a live piano teacher – even online – you also need to consider your personal safety and that of your family. How comfortable are you having a stranger either in your home sitting next to you or being able to see you or your children on a web camera?

Piano Lessons At Home With Musiah – A New Option

Musiah is the newest and  best option for taking piano lessons at home, for several reasons.

Musiah has the advantages of a real-life piano teacher with none of the drawbacks.

Musiah is the world’s first truly artificially intelligent virtual piano teacher, which means he teaches you piano as if there were a real-life piano teacher in your home.

Musiah responds to your piano playing just like a traditional teacher and encourages you to progress at your own pace.

It's a serious piano lessons tool that feels like fun and boosts the development of your piano playing skills by providing a new form of supervised piano practice.

Students learning piano with Musiah actually learn on up to 16 times faster than students learning the same piano pieces with a traditional piano teacher.

Video: How To Learn Piano At Home – Up To 16 Times Faster

Read one student's personal story of how he learned to play piano an amazing 16 times faster

In summary, you learn piano at home faster with Musiah because, unlike traditional piano lessons, Musiah’s online piano lessons are available 24/7 to support you every step of the way.

And it's incredibly convenient being able to learn piano in the comfort of your own home whenever it suits you, not your teacher.

Musiah’s piano lessons at home are also more fun. If 'story mode' (an optional setting) is selected, Musiah’s online piano lessons can be taken as an interactive piano lessons game that tells a story.

Although Musiah is a serious tool for learning the piano at home, in story mode, you will want to keep learning just because you want to find out what happens next in the story.

And Musiah’s online piano lessons provide much more affordable piano lessons than traditional piano lessons which normally cost $60–$100 an hour.

For one low fee, up to 6 members of your household can all take piano lessons at home with Musiah. There are no contracts, which means you’re not locked in for any particular term. And discounted rates are available if you pre-pay for 12 months or longer. See lesson pricing.

So, whichever way you look at it — quality, value, convenience and fun — piano lessons at home with Musiah are the best option for learning piano at home.


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