Meet Hugo – The Dog Who Loves To Play Piano

Hugo the dog sitting on futon

Hi! My name's Hugo. I'm an 11½ year old labradoodle, and I've always loved piano!

I love everything about the piano – the sound it makes (especially when my Dad plays), and I love learning to play piano... that's THE BEST!

Explore My Story and pics below but first...



Check out my amazing piano playing skills in this awesome video

Check out my crazy video. I can play Musiah Piano Lesson #1 - WOW!


My Story

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah... I'm a 5th generation Australian labradoodle. I'm 11½ years old which makes me 80 in human years (ancient I know)!

But I haven't always been this old.

Hugo as an 8 week old puppy

 This is me the day my Dad picked me up when I was just 8 weeks old.

 As well as piano, I enjoy lots of other stuff...

Hugo playing with bear

like playing with my bear...

Hugo the dog playing with ball

playing with my ball...

dog smelling flowers

smelling flowers...

Hugo in kitchen

supervising culinary creations in my kitchen (I'm a bit of a foodie)...

Hugo the dog with owner at table

having a cuppa with by Dad...

dog dressed as reindeer

dressing up for Christmas...

Hugo the dog with Yoda

hanging out with my pal, Yoda...

But my favorite thing of all is the piano!!!

Dog drinking coffee

This is me having a morning coffee before my daily piano practice...

Hugo the dog practicing piano

This is me when my Dad first started teaching me how to play the note Middle C on the piano.

Eventually, when I could play Middle C, he started me on very simple timing exercises (simple for humans but really hard for dogs). 

And for the last several months, I've been learning my first song called 'Jack In The Box' – at first without any backing track, and then – which was Soooooo much fun – with the backing track!!!

If you haven't already seen it, check out my amazing video above to see how far I've come!

Hugo the dog recovering after piano practice

And finally, this is me recovering after practice!!!

A well earned rest I'd say! 



The Takeaway From My Story...

If I can learn to play piano, anyone can!

It doesn't matter if you're ancient like me (80 in human years) or as young as 7 human years old... If you're smart enough to come when called, you'll do just fine.

So if, like me, you have a dream to learn to play piano, I have a recommendation for you... try Musiah – the world's best piano learning app.

(Yeah, I know, it's my Dad's invention, so you could say I'm a bit biased... but it worked for me!)

Honestly, with Musiah, it's super easy to learn because Musiah is the world's only A.I. piano teacher! So the app speaks to you and guides you every step of the way – just like a live teacher. 

But don't take my word for it – Try it free for 14 Days.

PLUS – when you sign up for a free trial, tell 'em Hugo sent you.

Enter my name 'HUGO' in the promo code field to receive a $15 discount off your first paid lessons.*


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Musiah Highlights

iPad running Musiah piano learning app

Musiah piano lessons app in action on an iPad

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