Musiah Review By Michael Ortiz - First Ever Musiah (age 13)

Michael Ortiz completed the Musiah piano lessons course"You have changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe — You’re the BEST!"

Before enrolling in Musiah, the main thing I was unsure about was whether Musiah would be able to help me with note reading and the fingering. I had no knowledge of how to read sheet music, and this was an area I was afraid I was going to struggle with.

But once I started my piano lessons with Musiah, I saw how easy it was to learn about sight reading and fingering with the help of Musiah. I had a lot of fun and progressed really quickly.

One thing I really liked about Musiah is the story and how it keeps continuing as I was progressing through the course and learning more things about the piano. It made learning really interesting.

I also really enjoyed the songs, and the original arrangements of them. They are very original and catchy, and I noticed that a lot of them are unique to Musiah.

I would absolutely recommend Musiah to other people, both kids and adults, because Musiah makes the lessons as easy as possible, and it’s not boring at all.

One of my favorite parts of Musiah is how the story ends and how it shows how the Atonals died [the Atonals are the bad guys], and also how “The Lost Song” is very emotional and challenging with a lot of melodies and advanced rhythms.

Having completed the course, I am very proud of myself and feel a great sense of accomplishment for being able to finish the Musiah course. It feels great to have earned the rank of “Musiah”.

I would love to have a second installment of Musiah because of how the story ended mysteriously… it said that there was an Atonal clavitrisk [a special key] and that there was an Atonal still alive! So there’s definitely room for a sequel.

Thank you so much for everything Musiah!

You have changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe — You’re the BEST!

Michael Ortiz - Fullerton, California, United States


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