Musiah Review: Piano Lessons That Make You Smile

dog with big smile on its face

"Jenny says when she learns piano with Musiah that her smile is too big for her face."

dog with big smile on its face

To give this review a little context, I had just written to congratulate Jenny (age 13) on completing a level of the course (which I do routinely). This is her mom Susan's response...

Thank you, Mr Hogan!

Jenny only asked me a billion times if you noticed. The program really is helping her with rhythm.

I told her she only needed to practice for 20 min Sunday; having had an overloaded weekend. Nope, she insisted on playing til she earned all her stars to complete level 2 and then she managed her time so she only had performance pieces to complete on Monday. Previous weeks I must have mentioned you look at your student reports on Tuesdays. 

It is so motivating that you comment and praise your students’ progress.

Thank you!!!!!!

We enjoy Musiah very much! Love the stars, progress reports, clever animation, song choices, animals throwing fruit when you fail... it is too fun.

Jenny says when she learns piano with Musiah that her smile is too big for her face.

Hope that puts a mile smile on your face!

All our best, Susan & Jenny M - Port St Lucie, Florida, USA


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