Musiah Review: Mom Compares Musiah To Private Piano Lessons

Musiah Review By Mom From Utah Compares Musiah Piano Lessons Online To Private Piano Lessons"Musiah is has truly been an answer to our prayers — If I could design the perfect piano program this would be it!"

We think Musiah is great. My 13 year old son just loves it. We are now starting our 11 year old son.

There is nothing out there like it. To be able to have the instant feedback at every practice is huge, you don't even get that with a private teacher.

When my son took lessons from a teacher once a week he would forget how he was supposed to play a piece and so he would be playing it wrong all week until we met with the teacher again. That's a lot of wasted time, which also translates into a lot of wasted money.

Another great feature of Musiah for parents is the emailed reports we receive. I don't play the piano myself and I have several children so I can't sit with each child during their lesson, so what would happen is the teacher used to tell us that my son was not practicing what he was supposed to be practicing during the week, and he was not practicing the amount of time he was supposed to be doing.

With Musiah I never have to worry about those issues because I get the reports telling me exactly what he is doing.

I also don't have to fight with my son to get him to practice because he really enjoys playing with Musiah, he's always excited to get to the next level.

Musiah has truly been an answer to our prayers, it has taken such a load off of us as parents.

If I could design the perfect piano program this would be it, the developer was quite a genius.

To top it all off you just couldn't get a better price.

One more thing that has been great about Musiah is that since it is done on a keyboard, my kids can practice any time of day without disturbing anyone because they can just plug in the headphones. What more could we ask for?

Rebecca H - Lindon, Utah, United States


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