Musiah Review: Boy’s Skills Amaze Piano Professor

Young boy at piano

"From our perspective, your lessons made the piano a friend for life to our son.”

Dear Musiah,
Two days ago, my 6yrs old son Tudor reached the end of your great piano adventure and his sad words were "Now what?”

It was a great joy for him for over a year, for him and for us also, for all this time Musiah was a member of our family who was always available, ready for a new piano lesson, always giving advices with the same calm voice and encouraging our son to continue practicing.

I was looking for ways to stimulate our son to play piano (or any other instrument), before Musiah we used a different software, but after few months it became boring… so I had to find something different. Being fascinated by robots, Musiah seemed perfect from the beginning… and it was.

Every lesson was like we had our personal teacher, but even more, because the student is able to see instantly if the notes he is playing are correct or not, if the timing is right and even if duration is right (duration checking is an important feature  the other software we used didn’t have).

There were difficult times when some songs needed more practice, especially because our son’s hands were too little and he always wanted to reach 100%, so sometimes he almost wanted to give up, but the story kept him on track, providing him extra motivation to continue.

I must tell you that, while he was still on Level 10 or 11, we went to see a college piano professor and she was amazed by our son skills, especially reading skills, and how advanced he was for his age. So, because of you, dear Mr. Hogan, now we enrolled our son to a music school.

I don’t know if our son is meant to be a piano player, it wasn’t our goal, all we wanted was for him to be a joy to play piano and (very important) a joy to practice.

From our perspective, your lessons made the piano a friend for life to our son. 

Thank you Mr. Hogan for such a wonderful journey and a personal thank you from our son, Tudor!

I hope more children will discover how joyful playing piano can be with Musiah’s help and we are recommending it to every interested parent we meet.
Thank you,
Dorin Pojoga - Iasi, Romania


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