Musiah Review: The Best App For Learning Keyboard Or Piano

Child's hands playing digital piano

“Really amazing… Nothing else comes close. My son can read music and he taught his little brother. Wonderful app!”

My mother was worried that I wouldn’t practice every day. We had started and canceled Musiah because I didn’t practice enough according to my mother but then I wanted to try again and I promised her I would practice every day for 30 minutes.

I found it really amazing the second time around. I think the performance challenges are the best because it really gives you a taste of what it is like to play to a live audience.

I also like the new ranking I obtain when I pass a level, story mode, and also how I have to get enough stars to unlock the performance challenge, so I don’t struggle during the performance challenge.

I would recommend Musiah because it doesn’t let you go to the next level without getting enough stars on a certain level, so that you don’t struggle on the next level.

(That review was almost verbatim by my 8-year old son who just completed Musiah).

I am his mother and I think that Musiah is the best app for learning the keyboard or piano. Nothing else comes close.

My son can read music and he taught his little brother and they’ve been playing together since little brother was 3. It’s amazing!

Thank you for creating this wonderful app and making it so affordable and including up to 6 members. Thank you so much!

Aynul D, United States

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