Musiah Review: Fun Keyboard Instruction & Music Theory

Musiah Review: Keyboard Instruction And Music Theory In A Fun Format - I'm Amazed

"As a former professional musician... I am amazed at how Musiah has captured my family’s imagination and enthused them to develop their keyboard and piano skills".

Musiah Review: Keyboard Instruction And Music Theory In A Fun Format - I'm AmazedWell done, Brendan Hogan and the Musiah Team.

Our hope was that through Musiah, our children would once more, become engaged and enthused for keyboards and piano, having become bored and disillusioned with traditional piano lessons.

Well, not only has Musiah re-engaged them with keyboards but has had the unexpected result of reigniting their enthusiasm for playing piano as well.

In my opinion, Musiah is designed to engage this and future generations' children in a format that appeals to them - that they relate to i.e. an interactive computer learning process, not dissimilar to what would have traditionally been called a video game.

That it has the same effect on adults wishing to learn keyboards and piano, is such a very welcome surprise.

My wife is a professional violinist and viola player. I am amazed at how Musiah has captured her imagination and enthused her to develop her keyboard and piano skills.

As a former professional musician myself, one of the things I appreciate the most about Musiah, is its very heavy focus on quality Music Theory, which is so essential and presents in such a way that children are generally only vaguely aware that they are learning theory - it's all just fun for them.

Keyboard instruction, skill development and music theory in a fun format - who would have thought that was possible? Clearly, Brendan Hogan; well done!

Matt C - Bulleen VIC, Australia


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