Musiah Review: No Better Excitement Says Korean Man Age 64

Musiah Review By 64 Year Old Korean Man

"The feeling of exciting and success could compete with applause of a Carnegie stage performer"

Musiah Review By 64 Year Old Korean ManHi, I'm 64 years old Korean man, never gone through proper musical education. And, not quite fluent English speaker.

In mid-January, I read a review about Musiah written by Sungchan Park who lives in Melbourne. It was about an introduction of Musiah and how he started.

I was quite interested in Musiah Online Piano lesson. But it was not an easy decision to me. Because, once I start, I might invest a lot of time and effort. So I decide to go through the 14 days free trial.
I want to figure out if the online-lesson is worth and helpful for my piano skill.

I met a little problem to connect MIDI and PC correctly at first. It wasn't easy job for me even if the Musiah website gives a lot of help info.

User interface and interaction with online lesson weren't familiar to me. Maybe I didn't understand the voice instruction or didn't have much experience of play on piano or click on screen...etc.

I found some help from the online forum of Korean digital piano user. So, I could start the Musiah lesson properly since 18 Jan.

The level 1 is made up of total 19 lessons. Until lesson 13, they are easy and interesting, so I could pass couple of lessons in a day. But, from lesson 14, it seemed getting difficult and took long hours to complete each lesson.

Another hard part is that the Musiah was designed for English speaker, lead in English. Well, there are a lot of people attend English Language school out there in Korea. Musiah could help me to improve my English too I thought.. I try to accept the language barrier positively.

In time, I could understand the voice teaching without too much problem while there are not much of academic or technical terms.

The last day of the free trial, I couldn't complete Level 1 (19 lessons) during the 14 days. However, It was enough time to figure out some pros and cons to me. I decided to signup 1 year with $199.99

I want to describe some pros that I experienced from the Musiah during my first month:

  1. Virtual teacher detects student’s small mistakes accurately and encourage to repeat until playing correctly which were really helpful to me. It would be really hard part for both teacher and student if the real teacher sat next to me. With Musiah I can simply repeat the same practice as much as I want without guilt.
  2. Every end of lesson, I had to pass the audition with more than 80% up to 5 stars. This gave me a huge thrill. I tried both slow and fast tempo for the audition, it really make me full attention to play it. But, after pass and see the congratulation, there is no better excitement which lead me to try next lesson.
  3. I set up the weekly report to myself about the Musiah progress, lesson hour, result and average statistics which was also helpful for a big motivation to continue the piano lesson..
  4. Every end of level, I have to go through the performance on the stage in front of many audience (aliens). The performance is about 3 random songs that I have gone through from the level.  I must pass with 70%. If I pass, I could receive a big claps with 1 gem of total 13. Otherwise, I have to listen to the heckling and have to prepare another performance with different 3 songs. When I hear the applause from the Musiah performance the feeling of exciting and successl could compete with applause of a Carnegie stage performer.
  5. You can afford the price of only $199.99 per one year ($24 per a month) for tuition fees, and up to 6 family members can be added under one paid account.
  6. Finally, the Referral reward program. Musiah gives $20 cash back when other student enrolled with my ID as referee. And the student who put my ID will get $10 discount too.

Many Thanks,

K.R. Yoo - Inchon, South Korea


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