Musiah Review: This Is The Best Program I Have Seen

Elderly man's hands playing piano"This is the best program I have seen. And I have tried several."

Prior to commencing piano lessons with Musiah, the main challenge that was essentially preventing me from taking up piano lessons was my work schedule. I simply didn’t have enough time to study piano.

However, now I am semi-retired — which is great. So I finally have the time to learn.

And now that I have started, I am really enjoying the learning process.

The lessons are short and don’t take a lot of time to complete. I am gaining not only knowledge, but hand coordination as well.

What I like most about Musiah is that it is a disciplined teaching platform. I am not allowed to skip ahead.

There are lots of benefits to Musiah’s online piano lessons. Some that particularly appeal to me are:

If you really want to learn piano, not just learn to play a few songs by rote...

This is the best program I have seen. And I have tried several.

For example, I also use one other program, and was using a jazz program. They are both good, but I think I was missing the basics.

Even though I can play a couple of intermediate songs on the other program using simple triad chords, I only just passed the first audition on Musiah — which proves that until I started using Musiah, I was not learning to adequately use two hands or to quickly read music concurrently in both scales.

So, in my view, Musiah is superior to the others I have tried. I’m enjoying it very much and definitely recommend it.

I also find the support you offer almost too good to believe! I don’t know how you can be so personally responsive to the hundreds of students you must have enrolled.

However you accomplish it; I especially appreciate your superior customer support.

Thanks Musiah,

Tom L - Cerritos, California, United States


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