Musiah Review: “I Love Musiah… Exactly What I Needed”

Note: Since writing this review, Steve has completed the course and written a 2nd review – Musiah Review: Impossible became possible – which you may find helpful to read in conjunction with the below review.

Steve – Musiah piano lessons student“The structure, immediate feedback, precision required, stepwise progress were exactly what I needed.”

My story. I am a “senior” approaching retirement.

As a child I wanted to learn to play the piano but it was not something we could afford.

I got a clarinet through the school band and worked my way to first chair but in college changed to a guitar and continue to play my three although not as much anymore.

I have been walking past the Clavinova we bought for one of my sons for years, its too late for me right? Last year sat down with some simple music to see what would happen. Wow. Hooked.

Progress slow and started to think about ways to learn, basically lessons vs some type of program. 

I was searching online for articles on how to connect the Clavinova to an iPad and found the video by Brendan which led to a trial of Musiah.

Simply stated … I love Musiah. The structure, immediate feedback, precision required, stepwise progress were exactly what I needed.

On a side note, I haven’t spent a lot of time wandering around the Musiah website but did a bit tonight. The comments about being “grateful”, “a blessing”, feeling sorry for piano teachers sound a bit over the top … but actually I agree 100%.


Steve S – United States


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