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What Does "Learn Keyboard Fast" Mean?

What Does "Learn Keyboard Fast" mean? This is actually three questions in one:

1. What is a keyboard? (as opposed to a piano)
2. What does it mean to “learn keyboard”?
3. If you want to learn keyboard fast, how fast is “fast”?

1. What is a keyboard? (as opposed to a piano)

A musical keyboard is best understood by contrasting the keyboard with a piano.

A piano is an acoustic instrument that has weighted keys. A keyboard, on the other hand, is an electric instrument, which requires a power source, that has un-weighted keys (in other words, the keys are lighter on a keyboard than the keys on a piano).

Brief note: A keyboard that has weighted keys is usually referrerd to as a 'digital piano', which is a kind of hybrid instrument.

Each instrument has its advantages and disadvantages. An advantage to the piano is that the weighted keys on the piano build your finger strength. Building your finger strength enhances your playing technique.

And when you play a note or notes on a piano, the neighboring piano strings vibrate in harmony with the note or notes you have just played, which provides a richer sound.

The disadvantages to pianos include: pianos can be expensive to buy and they need to be tuned regularly, which can also be expensive.

As for the advantages of keyboards, keyboards never need to be tuned. Also, on a keyboard, you can change the sounds and instruments, which adds variety to your practice.

With keyboards, you can also play along with backing tracks. Playing with backing tracks is good for developing your ability to play precisely in time.

Playing the keyboard is also good for encouraging more precise, accurate playing. For example, if you clip a wrong note when playing the piano, the wrong note is less noticeable than if you make the same mistake on a keyboard.

Finally, MIDI keyboards can be connected to your computer, which makes opens the door to many music-making opportunities.

2. What Does It Mean To “Learn Keyboard”?

Learning keyboard (i.e. taking keyboard lessons) often involves learning to read only the right hand notes (the melody), while your left hand plays one-finger chords or simple block chords.

Learning piano, on the other hand, usually means you’re taught how to read and play the notes properly in each hand. Learning piano (i.e. taking piano-style lessons) in this way is vastly better than learning keyboard with one-finger chords or simple block chords.

So just to clarify, Musiah's lessons are piano-style lessons in which you will learn to read the sheet music and to play properly with both hands. In Musiah's lessons, we use a MIDI keyboard as our instrument for practical reasons, such as the ability to connect to a computer.

With the above in mind, it may be more accurate to say that Musiah helps you learn piano fast rather than learn keyboard fast, because Musiah teaches you how to read the notes properly in each hand, which is the teaching method that delivers the very best piano lessons.

And through the use of backing tracks (a feature normally associated with learning keyboard) and through performance challenges, you’re encouraged to learn to play piano pieces to a high standard.

3. If You Want To Learn Keyboard Fast, How Fast Is “Fast”?

You need to keep in mind that when we say learn keyboard fast, we really mean “learn piano on the keyboard” fast.

In a world first Online Piano Lessons Study, in their first few weeks of lessons, students taking piano lessons on keyboard with Musiah were proven to learn piano on average 5-8 times faster than students learning the same syllabus through traditional piano lessons, with some students learning up to 10 times faster — and they had a lot more fun.

Compared to students of traditional piano lessons in the same age range (who normally learn 4-6 pieces in their first 10 weeks of lessons), Musiah students learned up to 26 pieces.

Given that more advanced pieces understandably take longer to learn than the first few pieces, this equates to up to 10 times faster.

However, the latest research data (gathered since the above study) reveals that students taking Musiah's online piano lessons over a longer period of time actually learn up to 16 times faster.

So if you  would like to experience the life-changing benefits of the best online piano / keyboard lessons that will have you or your child learning to play the keyboard up to 16 faster than traditional keyboard lessons, you have definitely come to the right place.

Learn more about how YOU too can learn to play piano an amazing 16 times faster

This article follows the piano / keyboard lessons journey of 13 year old Michael Ortiz from California, who learned the entire Musiah piano course in just 18 week — that's 6 years of traditional piano / keyboard lessons — in just 18 weeks.

This insightful article explains how Michael and students like him are literally learning piano / keyboard 16 times faster than students learning the same syllabus through traditional piano lessons — and how YOU can too.

How Does Musiah Help You Learn Keyboard Fast?

If you learn keyboard with Musiah — or, more precisely, learn piano on keyboard — then you will learn keyboard faster than an average student learning through traditional keyboard lessons alone. But how?

The first imortant thing to understand is that the presence or absence of a traditional keyboard teacher is not the main factor in determining the success of a student, i.e. how fast they will learn. Rather, the main factor is the presence or absence of Musiah.

If you have access to Musiah's online keyboard lessons, whether or not you are also learning keyboard with a traditional teacher, then you will learn keyboard faster than an average student learning with a traditional teacher alone.

Students learn keyboard fast with Musiah partly because Musiah is available to support you every step of the way, 24/7.

By contrast, a traditional keyboard teacher can be with you only once a week for your lesson; for the rest of the time, you’re left on your own without any support.

Because Musiah is there to support you all the time, keyboard lesson time and keyboard practice become one; you’re not really practicing in the traditional sense so much as having a perpetual keyboard lesson.

The second important part of the equation is practice habits. There are ways you can leverage your keyboard practice time to get the maximum results from your lessons.

To learn more about this, see:

How To Learn Piano 16 Times Faster (blog article following the progress of student Michael Ortiz)

Other factors that will contribute to your rapid progress is that Musiah's online keyboard lessons are based on the best piano lessons available.

Plus Musiah makes learning keyboard fun and enjoyable because it comes as an online piano / keyboard lessons game.

And all of this encourages and motivates you to progress, achieve and — compared to traditional keyboard lessons — to learn keyboard fast — up to 16 times faster.

The extra good news is that Musiah also provides much more affordable piano / keyboard lessons than traditional piano or keyboard lessons.

So take our Free Online Piano / Keyboard Lessons 14 Day Trial and learn keyboard fast — FREE for 14 days!


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