Musiah Review: My Daughter Wanted To Quit Piano – Now Loves Musiah

Musiah Piano Lessons Review: Wonderful Learning Program"Thanks so much for coming up with and continually improving this wonderful learning program"

Much to my dismay, after 4 years of traditional lessons my talented daughter wanted to give up on learning piano. The time commitment for a 16yo in senior high school was too demanding particularly with the added pressure of piano exams.

I knew from my own experience, having given up at the same age, that despite her good intentions she was unlikely go back to lessons at a later time.

Finding Musiah was perfect for us. It enables and encourages her to keep up the practice when it suits her without the formality of weekly lessons and practice sessions.

It makes practice fun and challenging without the pressure of a teacher witnessing her mistakes - she just puts on her headphones!

I do hope that in the future she will go back to traditional lessons but I know that in the meantime Musiah will make that option more likely as she has kept up the skills she has learnt and has actually improved her timing.

Continually learning new songs has kept her interested. An added bonus to the Musiah system is that I can learn too for the same price and after having "a break from lessons" 35 years later I am once again playing the piano.

Thanks so much for coming up with and continually improving this wonderful learning program.

Michelle M - Carlisle WA, Australia


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