Musiah Review After Extensive Research Into Piano Programs

Student of Musiah Piano Learning Program"Excellent interactive and complete piano program"

I have done an extensive research for piano classes for my 7 year old daughter after she took some classes with a piano teacher but got easily bored.

I find MUSIAH and I took the 2 week trial to test it by myself.

After an intensive use (I have no prior piano instruction) these are my conclusions:

1. Excellent interactive and complete piano program: theory and REAL TIME piano practice that corrects and reinforces all playing concerns IMMEDIATELLY (I didn't find another program that really make that, it's like having a teacher near you all time.

2. Fun learning environment (essential for kids... and why not adults?? : )

3. You have your Musiah teacher anywhere, anytime and for as many long sessions as you want.

Something else, my family is Spanish native speaker (sorry for my English mistakes), and we usually learn music using solfegio, but those were no barriers at the time of use MUSIAH, and although initially it was for my daughter, now also my 16 year old son and myself got catched by this learning program.

Conclusion: we are now playing piano (real songs as beginners... for now). As a user, it's the correct way to go, and we hope it continues evolving with adding classes for higher piano levels.

Beto G - Lima, Peru


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