Musiah Inventor showing new iPad piano lessons app Musiah

Finally – you can now have Real Piano Lessons™ on your iPad.

Today, December 1, 2018, we're excited to announce that the official version of Musiah for iPad is now available.

At Musiah, our mission is to provide authentic piano instruction from a world-class teacher that will change people's lives by bringing them the life-long gift of music.

More than just piano lessons, Musiah – the world's first A.I. piano teacher – offers a deeply considered holistic approach to learning and self-development that empowers students to realize their true learning potential. 

"Congrats on going live with the iPad app!" commented adult learner, Josh Malinoff by email today. "I've really been enjoying the program so far. I've tried just about every other online piano teaching app/program and you really have something special. I feel like a kid again with the Story mode. It really has been motivating me in a way other programs haven't. I'm looking forward to levels 3 and beyond."  

When learning with Musiah, adults and children from age 7 receive a comprehensive music education. From note reading to rhythm, scales to chords, ear training to memory training, music theory, playing technique and more, Musiah will even teach performance skills.

As your A.I. piano teacher, Musiah speaks to you and, pointing to the sheet music, he guides you and responds to your playing just like a live teacher. There is no piano teaching system in the world like it. 

The Musiah course takes students from beginner to advanced in the shortest amount of time possible, empowering students by giving them real skills which means they quickly gain the ability to teach themselves any song they choose.

And now, with today's release of Musiah for iPad, more adults and children around the world will have the opportunity to benefit from an amazing program that delivers 5-6 years of traditional piano lessons in a fraction of that time.

Why the iPad?

Firstly, as any iPad user knows... iPads are just fun to use!

You can simply rotate your iPad to change from Single Stave to Full page view.

And compared to using Musiah on a PC or Mac, the iPad offers improved usability. For example, tasks like tapping rhythms are super easy because you can just tap on the screen (as opposed to having to use a computer keyboard or mouse). 

Plus, if you like wireless connections, connecting your MIDI keyboard to your iPad using Bluetooth is much simpler and easier than on a computer.

Learn more here:

How To Connect A MIDI Keyboard To iPad With Bluetooth

Or, if you prefer to use a cable, you may find this video helpful:

How To Connect A MIDI Keyboard To iPad With Cables

How to get Musiah on your iPad 

Current Musiah customers: To access the iPad app, log in at, go to the Downloads tab, and click the link.

New to Musiah? To access the app, simply sign up here for a 14 Day Free Trial.

PLUS... enter this code during signup to add an EXTRA 14 DAYS to your trial! 


OR you can just download Musiah – Real Piano Lessons direct from the App Store*

Get Musiah – Real Piano Lessons on the app store

*However, please note that the above Promo Code can only be redeemed during signup on this site.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us here.

Happy playing everyone!


a couple questions for you. Thinking about trying musiah. At home I have a midi keyoard with pc computer. We are retired so spend quite a bit of time in our RV. I have another midi keyboard there and recently was given an I Pad. Do I have to buy 2 seperate programs or does one price cover both windows and IOS. Many times while we are in the RV we have no wifi. Do I have to have wifi for musiah to operate or once I download the lessons can I use it offline?
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Hi Stan, thanks for your inquiry. I'm pleased to confirm that the one subscription covers installation on as many devices as you wish. Re intermittent internet access, as it happens, Musiah is designed with this scenario in mind. The only times an internet connection is required to use Musiah are a) when you download the software, b) when you download the lesson content at the start of each level (the course is divided into 13 levels), and c) the app will briefly attempt to verify the currency of your subscription about once a week (this takes 1-2 seconds) at which time, the computer / iPad will briefly need internet access in order to continue to allow you to access the lessons. Other than this, you can use the software, i.e. do the lessons, as much as you like without an internet connection. That said, there are a couple of potential downsides to not having regular internet access that it may help to be aware of. If ever you encounter an issue during the lessons, there is a "Support Ticket" feature within the app which can be used to report issues / possible bugs. Clicking this feature at the time an issue is occurring (as opposed to afterwards) sends some diagnostic info about where you are in the app that will help us to assist you with any issues. Not having a live connection will make this tricky. Your progress data will also be out of sync with the progress data on our web servers which means student progress reports and potentially other correspondence will be out of sync with your actual progress. Additionally, you will probably not always have the latest version of the software, which may lead to you at times reporting issues that are no longer applicable for customers that do have the latest version. For these and similar reasons, it's not an ideal scenario, but it is workable. Just out of interest, do you have a mobile phone that has internet access? If yes, perhaps, you could do the main downloads as described above at a public library or similar, but otherwise, when using Musiah to do the lessons, my suggestion would be to share your phone’s internet connection with your computer / iPad (e.g. by USB tethering to the phone or by turning on your phone’s wi-fi- hotspot). The bandwidth used by the Musiah app is minimal, so it won’t impact your data usage, and using your phone’s internet in this way will keep your progress data, support tickets, subscription status, etc. synced with our servers. Moving forward, I think to start with, it's probably a good idea to take our free 14 day trial, see if you enjoy the lessons, and if you like them and are happy to continue, the internet arrangements are something that can always be reviewed at a later time. I hope this response is helpful, and if I can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to let me know. Best wishes, Brendan
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