Why Musiah piano lessons are better than free lessonsWhy Musiah piano lessons are better than free lessonsThese days, many people are searching for terms like “free piano lessons” online. What you may not realize is that there is a much better option than free piano lessons – namely a Great Value monthly subscription to Musiah Piano Lessons for example; a Family Plan at just USD $24.99 for up to 6 members of your household.

Why are Musiah piano lessons better value than free piano lessons?

If you were presented with a choice of

a) a monthly subscription to Musiah at just $24.99 (Family Plan) for up to 6 members of your household, or

b) free piano lessons with a traditional private piano teacher,

which option would you choose?

If a), take our Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Free Trial Now.

If b), read on my young Padawan. You have much to learn.

Let’s suppose you are an incredibly lucky person and that you have just found a qualified, experienced traditional private piano teacher who is willing to teach you for FREE. You may think all your Christmases have come at once. But let’s think this through.

By the time you drive to and from your free piano lessons with your traditional private piano teacher, assuming a half hour trip each way once a week — that’s 4-5 hours of driving per month — the cost of petrol alone would outweigh the cost of a monthly subscription to Musiah piano lessons. And let’s look at what you’re getting for that investment:

With a traditional private piano teacher offering free lessons once a week for one family member:

  • 1 hour of driving/sitting in traffic to attend a half hour lesson (albeit a free lesson) at a time that suits the teacher (not you)
  • A negative environmental impact from your car’s carbon emissions into the atmosphere
  • 30 mins of actual piano tuition
  • Only one member of your family is learning piano
  • Opportunity Cost: While you are driving yourself/your children to and from your free piano lesson, that is time that you could be working/ earning more money. Say you earn $30.00 per hour. The hour and a half that you have lost by travelling to and from this lesson plus attending the lesson has cost you $45.00
  • Travel Cost: Let’s say the cost of petrol to drive to and from the lessons is $5.00 each way, that’s $10.00 per lesson or $40.00-$50.00 (say $45.00) per month.
  • Total Cost Per Month: $90.00 — not to mention the 4-5 hours of unproductive time you’ve spent sitting in traffic and the impact that has on the environment.
  • Total Cost Per Year $1,080.00

With Musiah piano lessons:

  • No driving time
  • No harmful carbon emissions
  • As much piano tuition time as you want — at a time that suits you
  • On a Family Plan, up to 6 members of your family can learn for the one subscription fee
  • No travel cost: Better use of your time. Instead of spending 90 minutes (including driving/waiting time) to achieve 30 minutes of tuition with a traditional private piano teacher (even if it is free), you or your family could spend every one of those 90 minutes engaged and learning piano with Musiah without ever leaving home.
  • No opportunity cost: You can be working/earning your living from home while your family members are happily engaged and having fun learning piano with Musiah.
  • Total Cost Per Month: $24.99 — with no wasted time and no negative impact on the environment. 
  • Total Cost Per Year: $250.00 (or $199.99 on 12 monthy Family Saver Plan – That’s a saving of over $50.00, i.e. 2 months free).

All up the Musiah piano lessons cost less than a quarter of the cost of the free piano lessons with a traditional private piano teacher AND a research shows that students of Musiah piano lessons learn how to play piano up to 16 times faster than those who take traditional piano lessons.

So now you have a better understanding of the true costs and benefits of Musiah piano lessons compared to piano lessons elsewhere (free or otherwise), I cordially invited you to go ahead and choose option a), take our Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Free Trial Now.

I hope you found this information helpful.

Thanks for reading,

Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A, A.Mus.A.
Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor



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