Piano Video: Online Piano Lesson #22 - Go Tell Aunt Rhody

In this video, Isabella, age 12, plays Go Tell Aunt Rhody. This particular piece is Lesson #22 on the Musiah Piano Syllabus.

By this stage in the course, students of Musiah's popular online piano lessons have learned to read and play different notes in each hand at the same time and are learning to cope with increasingly advanced co-ordination challenges. This piece is similar in character to a Czerny finger training exercise.

Isabella, who took part in the Musiah Online Piano Lesson Study, was one of the first students to experience learning how to play the piano with Musiah.

As a 12 year old, she achieved a great result learning with Musiah, learning 26 pieces during the 10 week study — that's 7.75 times faster than an average 11-12 year old learning the same pieces with a traditional piano teacher.

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