Piano Video: Online Piano Lesson #123 - For He's An African Fellow

In this piano video, 13 year old Michael Ortiz from Fullerton CA, United States plays "For He's An African Fellow". This song is an advanced piece — Piano Lesson #123 from Level 11 of 13 levels.

This song is an advanced piece — Piano Lesson #123 in the Musiah Online Piano Course, which features lessons for kids and adults, from beginners to advanced students.

This piece involves many challenges including playing legato thirds in each hand simlutaneously and advanced rhythms.

Michael (age 13) learned this piece after only 3 months of lessons, and no human teacher was involved. His piano teacher is simply Musiah — the world's first Artificially Intelligent Virtual Piano Teacher.

Online piano lessons with Musiah are the most technologically advanced piano lessons available anywhere in the world today.

Through regular practice, Michael has achieved outstanding results including (since this video was made) going on to become the first ever person to complete the entire Musiah course and and in so doing to achieve the illustrious rank of Musiah.

Congratulations Musiah Michael Ortiz!

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