New Practice Feature For Learning Piano Songs Without Lessons – Musiah

'Sticky' Feedback is a new feature in the Practice Area of the Musiah Piano Lessons App designed to help you teach yourself songs without lessons (e.g. Library Songs).

Previously, feedback was only briefly displayed while you played, but now errors remain on screen giving you plenty of time to review your mistakes.

Plus, you can even click on an error to learn more about it, e.g. whether the error was an incorrect note, a timing issue, note duration was too long or too short, missing notes, extra notes, and more.

It's a great new practice tool that will really help you take your piano learning to the next level.

If you are not yet a Musiah user, why not take our 14 day Free Trial and discover a whole world of fun, affordable, life-changing piano lessons and practice tools like our new 'sticky' feedback.


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