Piano Video: Online Piano Lesson #61 - The Rakes Of Mallow

In this video, Michael, age 13, plays The Rakes Of Mallow This particular piece is Lesson #61 on the Musiah Piano Syllabus.

In this video, 13 year old piano student Michael Ortiz from Fullerton, CA, United States plays "The Rakes Of Mallow", a tricky piece which is Piano Lesson #61 from the Musiah Online Piano Course.

"The Rakes of Mallow" is from Level 4 of 13, and requires great dexterity and accuracy, with lots of passing the thumb under the fingers, or passing fingers over the thumb, as the student plays rapid scale-like passages.

Amazingly, Michael learned to play this piece (Piano Lesson #61) at 4.5 weeks, and no human teacher was involved. His piano teacher is simply Musiah, the world's first Artificially Intelligent Virtual Piano Teacher.

This is a remarkable result. Congratulations, Michael.

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