Free Piano Lessons

Welcome to our BRAND NEW free piano lessons area!

Lessons in this series cover many aspects of piano technique as well as note reading and music theory.

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Free Piano Lesson 1: Piano Posture

In this free lesson on piano posture, you’ll learn how to check your posture, correct seat height & distance from the keyboard, looking at hands & more.

Free Piano Lesson 2: Correct Hand & Wrist Position

In this free piano lesson on correct hand shape and wrist position for playing piano, you’ll learn some of the most fundamental basics of good piano technique.

Free Piano Lesson 3: The Best Piano Warm Up Exercises

In this free piano lesson, you’ll learn the best piano warm up exercises so you will always play to the best of your ability and avoid potential injury.

Free Piano Lesson 4: How To Relax Wrist

In this free piano lesson, you’ll learn the correct amount of wrist tension, how to banish excess tension and use flowing arm movements as you play.

Free Piano Lesson 5: Exercise For The 4th Finger

In this free piano lesson, you'll learn why your 4th finger is weaker, how to use your 4th finger correctly and a great exercise to increase independence and strength in all fingers including the 4th finger.

Free Piano Lesson 6: How To Pass The Thumb When Playing Scales

In this free piano lesson, learn how to pass your thumb correctly when playing scales: you'll reach farther and play smoother. Includes great free exercises to increase thumb flexibility.