How To Play A Trill On The Piano – A Free Piano Lesson by Musiah

In this free piano lesson by Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor, Brendan Hogan, you’ll learn:

Why a video on how to play a piano trill?

As we are have recently released our brand new library of optional extra pieces I thought it timely to create this video on how to play a trill correctly.

When the Musiah syllabus was originally created, the lesson songs did not include trills for a number of reasons.

For example, until now, no MIDI piano lessons app has been able to properly assess a student's trill playing.

This is because trills, by their nature, are highly interpretive and the number of notes played in a trill is up to the performer.

Until now, MIDI apps have dumbed down trills by specifying the exact number of notes the student is required to play – so that those apps can produce a score based on whether the prescribed number of notes was played.

To be frank, this flawed and pedestrian approach can ruin a beautiful song that features piano trills. So Musiah has come up with a much more elegant solution that scores the student's playing appropriately while still allowing them to play trills as they choose to – with as many notes (or as few notes) as they wish.

When Musiah was first created, on balance, we decided to avoid introducing trills as part of the Musiah lesson syllabus to eliminate these issues.

However, as we have recently released our brand new piano song library… some of the more advanced library songs do feature trills, which we feel really good about, because Musiah is now the only piano lessons app that can assess your trill playing naturally and appropriately.

So now it seems timely to provide this video to help you better understand piano trills and show you correct trill playing technique.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the above video and find it helpful.

Happy trilling!

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