In this video, yours truly answers the age-old question...

Do I need to warm up before piano practice / piano playing?

And if so...

What are the most effective warm up exercises?

It's important to remember that in live performance situations, pianists will not always have the opportunity to warm up in the conventional way (e.g. playing for 10-15 minutes on a piano).

Sometimes, you just have to walk out on stage and play.

This video helps put the need for warm-up exercises in context and features several simple exercises you can do any time, anywhere — without needing to be seated at a piano.

These warm-up exercises are suitable for everyone from piano students to professional pianists as well as older students who may have some form of stiffness in their hands, such as arthritis.

Whatever your circumstances, I hope this video will be some help to you.

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Thanks for watching, and if you do have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly HERE.

Happy playing,

Brendan Hogan
Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor

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