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Where To Find A Private Piano Teacher?

Now that you know about the likely costs of a hiring a private piano teacher, the questions to ask a piano teacher, and what makes a good piano teacher, you’re ready to find the piano teacher that is best for you or your child.

But how and where do you find a piano teacher?

As with most aspects of private piano teachers, you have several options. As usual, each option has advantages and disadvantages; and, as usual, it is probably best if you use a combination of these options to make sure you find the best piano lessons teacher for you or your child.

First, try the Yellow Pages, either online or in hard copy. Search for “piano teachers” or “music teachers” and similar terms (such as tuition, instruction, tutors, instructors, lessons, music schools, etc). You will then hopefully find a list of piano teachers in your area, their phone numbers, and often a website. Call these teachers or explore their websites and create a shortlist of teachers to interview.

Not all individual private piano teachers are listed in the Yellow Pages. So try these other ways of finding a private piano teacher.

Find a local music teachers association. There are plenty of websites that let you search your area for music teachers who teach the piano. For example, in Australia, try:

  • www.musicnsw.com.au (NSW)
  • www.mtaq.org.au (Queensland)
  • www.mtasa.com.au (SA)
  • www.tmta.com.au (Tas)
  • www.victorianmusicteachersassociation.org.au (Victoria)
  • www.musicteacherswa.org.au (WA)

Ask your friends if they can recommend a good private piano teacher. Facebook has become an extremely valuable social networking tool. Post the question to your friends: “Can anyone in my area recommend a good private piano teacher?”

Google “piano teachers” or “music teachers”. Your results should, by default, be relevant to your location. If not, click “Change location”. Or refine your search terms to your particular geographic area. For example, if you were looking for piano teachers in New York, you might type “Piano teachers New York”.

Another option is to ask at your closest college or university. Contact their music department. Some college or university music teachers are likely to run private piano lessons studios or will at least know other private piano teachers.

Check with your local music and piano store. They sometimes offer piano lessons or at least keep a list of good piano teachers they can refer you to.

Even ask the pianist at your local church or the pianist you hear or see playing at your local shopping centre or restaurant whether they teach lessons or know some good private piano teachers.

When you find a private piano teacher, ask them for two or three names of other private piano teachers that they recommend. This is handy not only to build your stock of possible names to contact but also as a way of testing a teacher’s professionalism and reputation: a professional and reputable piano teacher should have no problem referring you to their colleagues as a possible correct fit for your circumstances.

An Excellent Alternative To A Private Piano Teacher

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