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The Cost Of Private Piano Teachers / Lessons

Like most aspects of finding a good private piano teacher, the question of cost is more complicated than it may first appear.

Most private piano teachers these days charge more than a dollar a minute. But costs vary a lot, depending on such matters as:

  • the piano teacher’s qualifications and experience
  • demand — as with anything, the more demand for the private piano teacher, the higher their price
  • the location of the private piano lessons
  • the range of services offered — for example, does the private piano teacher just provide piano lessons or do they provide opportunities to participate in recitals, competitions, and auditions as well?
  • the size of the piano school — if you’re having the piano lessons through a piano school or music school, then a larger piano school might have slightly lower fees

To find out what is a reasonable price for a private piano teacher in your area, call a few piano teachers and ask about their rates. And find out exactly what you’re paying for. You’ll soon get a sense of the going rate and the range of services available in your area. You might also have a local music teachers organization you might call or email about standard costs. Also, search the Yellow Pages for "piano teachers" or "music teachers"; some teachers and music schools list their rates there.

Also remember that the cheapest private piano teacher doesn’t necessarily mean the best value-for-money. A passionate, experienced, and committed private piano teacher who offers more, might be well worth the extra cost.

And don’t make the mistake of starting off with a less-qualified or less-skilled piano teacher because you think you can always try a better, more expensive piano teacher later. A bad initial experience could potentially ruin everything. You or your child might be taught bad habits that will need to be unlearned. Or you might have a bad experience with a teacher you don’t get along with, which may spoil your love of music and piano forever.

The cost of private piano lessons may seem exhorbitant to you and a luxury you can't afford. But self-employed private piano teachers have overheads (for example, public liability insurance, electricity and phone bills, the cost of the piano and tuning it, researching and shopping for music books for you or your child, stationery, professional memberships, professional development, travel costs, etc) and may miss out on other benefits of fully-fledged employees (for example, sick leave and superannuation).

And remember that for every 30 minutes or so of lessons a piano teacher gives, they have probably spent another 30 minutes or more preparing that piano lesson. As well as the time spent actually teaching you or your child piano, the best private piano teachers plan the lesson, and they have to do more mundane tasks as well, such as answer phone calls and emails, and answer parents' questions. Also consider the years of training and formal study needed to become a private piano teacher. It is little wonder, therefore, that the cost of a private piano teacher is so high.

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