Piano Lessons in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) can — for many people — be very difficult to access.

Whether you need piano lessons in Melbourne's Eastern, Northern or Western Suburbs, or even in regional Victoria, getting to a good piano teacher for your lessons can often be a logistical challenge.

Firstly, there's the renowned Melbourne traffic. There is nothing worse than sitting in traffic for an hour or more (assuming at least a half hour journey each way) as you drive across Melbourne's suburbs for a half hour piano lesson.

And even with the best traditional piano teacher, you only get to see them once a week during your piano lesson, and for the rest of the week you're left to your own devices as you attempt to practice for next week's piano lesson at home on your own.

Thankfully, there is now an alternative solution.

Recent research involving piano students from Melbourne shows that students who take piano lessons with a new form of virtual piano teacher known as Musiah learn to play piano up to 16 times faster than students learning the same syllabus with traditional piano teachers — and they have more fun!

The primary reason why students who have their piano lessons with Musiah progress so much faster is that Musiah (unlike a traditional piano teacher) is available to support you 24/7 not only in your lessons but also as you do your piano practice, so the line between a piano lesson and practice time becomes blurred. One could say that learning piano with Musiah is rather like having a perpetual piano lesson — in the comfort of your own home when it suits you, no matter what part of Melbourne you live in.

So with Musiah's piano lessons, there is no more need to put up with Melbourne's appalling traffic on your way to and from your piano lessons any more. You'll save time and money just by avoiding the traffic and you'll progress faster in Musiah's piano lessons that in any form of traditional piano lessons.

Musiah's piano lessons are also by far the most technologically advanced piano lessons available anywhere online, since Musiah is the world's first A.I. (Artificially Intelligent) virtual piano teacher, with patents pending in numerous countries, and with students not only in all areas of Melbourne, but nationally across Australia and internationally in countries from the USA to Europe and Asia.

What is different about piano lessons with Musiah, the world’s first virtual piano teacher, is that Musiah uses that latest A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology to understand your every move and it responds to your playing just like a traditional piano teacher.

Melbourne is of course the cultural capital of Australia with more students attending piano lessons each week per capita than any other capital city in Australia.

As it happens, the teaching method used in the Musiah piano lessons was originally developed in Melbourne and taught to thousands of students over a 17 year period by renowned Musiah inventor, piano teacher Brendan Hogan who also created Australia’s largest piano lesson program in schools.

Now, through this exciting new computer-based medium known as Musiah piano lessons, you and up to 6 members of your family can enjoy high quality piano lessons in your home 24/7, no matter what part of Melbourne you live in.

Musiah's piano lessons are suitable for adults (including seniors) and children from age 7 and cater for beginners through to advanced piano students (approximately Grade 5-6 standard of piano playing).

It’s easy to get started. You can begin your piano lessons using a MIDI piano keyboard (see keyboard info) OR you can set up your computer keyboard to play piano notes (as a temporary measure while you are trying the lessons).

So why not take the FREE Melbourne Piano Lessons 14 DAY Trial right now.

Melbourne Piano Lessons Reviews

Michael Koureskas is a young man in his early twenties from Watsonia (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) who has previously had approximately one year of piano lessons when he was in grade 6 at Primary School.

He started taking piano lessons with Musiah in early December and despite a break of around four weeks over the holiday season, he has made excellent progress, learning around 20 songs so far.

He recently submitted a very unique and personal review that candidly describes not only his experience with Musiah’s piano lessons, but also how he finds the Musiah storyline enhances the lesson/tuition experience.


The one thing that I love most about piano lessons with Musiah is the technology. I find that it keeps me engaged, refreshed and interested in learning piano. It is very responsive to my playing style and offers corrective advice accordingly.

Musiah piano lessons are an amazing revolutionary product that puts the piano within reach of everyone! It is incredible that now anyone can undertake piano lessons in the comfort and privacy of their own home (by themselves)!

This is not only a practical blessing to the whole world, but it also addresses as series of issues and essentially some significant barriers that prevent people from learning to play instruments or specifically the piano.

For example a few things that prevented me from playing the piano in high school was; fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, uncertainty about finding a good teacher, how long I will last, financial resources, cost of lessons, return on investment, the piano itself! The list just went on! However with Musiah all of these issues were addressed with a single high caliber product and first class customer service - Simply Amazing!

Not only are Musiah piano lessons an amazing, cost effective, resource efficient, high quality product, but the user interface of the program exceeds expectations.

Upon opening the program it establishes a friendly environment in which piano students can study, practice and even feel welcomed in! The interface is easy and fun to navigate.

I believe that the entertaining childish story lines and characters also play a very significant role in engaging adults in learning piano.

Firstly on the surface level, it is highly engaging as students of all ages like ‘achievement and recognition’ (we like seeing things get done, ticking things off, earning reward points etc.) this is achieved through the story line and process of collecting stars to unlock pieces of the clavitrisk.

Secondly on a deeper level, the use of child friendly animations, establishes an underlying sensation of ‘joy’ which makes the student feel at ease, a sense of (childhood) fun and playfulness.

This is astonishing, because it places the students in the most receptive state of learning. It allows students to not feel threatened or intimidated by a scholarly musical maestro sitting across the table from them (as would have traditionally been the case). So Musiah's piano lessons overcome a huge barrier that holds a lot of people back from learning piano, especially in their later stages of life.

I would recommend Musiah without hesitation to anyone (and I have) who is even remotely considering taking piano lessons, because once you start your lessons with Musiah you will never look back.

Michael Koureskas


Kate Ward is an adult student (of Musiah’s piano lessons) from Carnegie (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) and a mum who has been taking piano lessons online with Musiah for a few short weeks.

Since beginning her piano lessons in mid-December, Kate has learned (at the time of writing) around 33 pieces from the Musiah piano syllabus as well as other pieces from an external piano book that she is now able to teach herself to play because of the skills she has learned in her Musiah piano lessons.

Here’s what she had to say about her piano lesson experience so far:


I have been using Musiah piano lesson software for a few weeks now and would highly recommend it to anyone. I have previously had two formal piano lessons and tried to teach myself a few things from you tube clips. I found this process slow and frustrating and quickly realised that I was missing the basics such as music theory.

I am very impressed with how much music theory I have learned in such a short time. And even better — I'm actually remembering it.

I can now play basic songs for my kids from a second hand music book I found. They love it! It's all been a really enjoyable process so far and I would urge anyone interested in using Musiah's piano lessons to give the free trial a go.

Kate Ward


Judy Cocu from Bairnsdale (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is an adult student of Musiah piano lessons, who sent in this review. Judy has recently completed Level 1 of the Musiah piano lessons course which (at the end of Level 1) requires students to complete a performance challenge by playing three piano pieces before a virtual audience at an alien primary school on a faraway planet. Judy’s comment…

"It was quite unnerving performing to a school of non earthlings!!!! LOL!!"

And now Judy is powering her way through the songs in Level 2.

Here’s what she had to say about her piano lesson experience with Musiah:


As a mature aged student I am fulfilling a lifetime dream to learn to read music and play. I am immensely satisfied with the Musiah system and thoroughly enjoy the lessons.

The flexibility to work at my own pace and in my own time (my favorite feature) works well with other commitments. The animation is fun and the ability to review and practice at any time keeps me highly motivated. Additionally, the support is prompt and informative should issues arise.

Thanks, Brendan - just love it!!!!!


Bonnie Ji from Hoppers Crossing (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is a young mum whose young son, George (age 7), along with two siblings, is learning piano through Musiah piano lessons.

The interesting thing about George is that he has been learning for some time with a traditional piano / keyboard teacher through an in-school program that has been licensed to teach the Musiah piano / keyboard syllabus. George has been attending a half hour traditional piano / keyboard lesson once a week at his primary school during the school day.

Here’s what George’s mum Bonnie had to say about Musiah's online piano lessons:


"Musiah is fantastic!...The improvement is unbelievable."

Musiah is fantastic! It covers all the keyboard detailed skills. Here I really want to thank Musiah! My son George is a primary school grade 1 student. He has shown a great improvement from Level 1 to Level 6 with the help of Musiah piano lessons within less than 4 months. Every week he just spends less than 4 hours, but the improvement is unbelievable. The most important thing is Musiah giving George passion for piano. I never need to push him. He is just enjoying learning! I think Musiah provides a fantastic professional way to learn music!

Bonnie Ji


And there are many more comments full of praise for Musiah piano lessons from students all over Melbourne on our piano lessons testimonials page. Additionally there are lots of rave reivews of Musiah's piano lessons just like those above featured in the many Musiah reviews throughout this site.

We have students aged from 7 to 90 in areas all over Melbourne who are progressing through the Musiah piano lessons course and loving it.

Our videos, FAQ's and blog articles are a great source of further information, but if you have any questions for me personally, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thanks again for visiting Musiah — the most popular place for quality piano lessons in Melbourne.

Brendan Hogan L.Mus.A, A.Mus.A.
Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor