Musiah Piano Lessons Are Inclusive And Welcoming Of All CulturesMusiah Piano Lessons Are Inclusive Of All CulturesThose of you with an eye for detail will no doubt have noticed that we have a brand new website, which we hope you enjoy.

While there are lots of obvious new features and improvements compared to the old site, there’s also a subtle but important cultural shift unfolding in our organization, our web site and in the Musiah app itself – which, for example, is reflected in how we treat customer names.

More Inclusive Treatment Of Customer Names

What's in a name, you may well ask?

Well... before this new site, somewhat archaically, account holders used to be asked during signup to enter their First Name and Last Name. (This is what many businesses around the world still do). However, for many cultures and nationalities, this can be problematic. 

For example, in many Asian countries, it is customary to address people by their last name. So which should they enter in the First Name field? (Does Mr Kim Yoo prefer to be addressed as Kim or Yoo?)

Now, on this new site, account holders are instead asked during signup to enter their Full Name (in one field), and then their Preferred Name (which is what we will call them in emails).

It may seem like a small thing but it's important because this approach is much more inclusive of people from all cultures and nationalities and helps us to address them appropriately, which helps to make them feel more welcome and more comfortable.

For existing customers, we have merged the data from the old First Name and Last Name fields into the new Full Name field, and have pre-populated the Preferred Name field with their first name as a default value. Account holders can change their Preferred Name (which is what we will call them in emails) by logging in  and clicking “Edit Details”.

Existing customers are encouraged to check this and to update their Preferred Name as needed.

As for Student Names, the old First and Last Names are now also merged into a Full Name field for students.

Please Note: How you enter a student’s name is exactly how it will appear on their certificates for completing each level (certificates are a new feature coming soon).

For example, “brendan hogan” (without capital letters) would appear on that student’s certificates exactly as entered. So all customers are encouraged to check that each student's name is entered appropriately.

At the end of the day, our message is that we welcome and respect customers and students of all races, cultural backgrounds and nationalities.

The joy that comes from the life-long gift of music should be available to everyone. So no matter who you are, please know that we are here to help.

The Musiah Team