Piano Playing Video Tips

Before you start videoing yourself or your child playing piano, here are a few tips that will maximize the chances of your video making it into the Musiah Piano Video Hall Of Fame — which means you will automatically go into a draw to win six (6) months free access to the Musiah online piano lessons.


1. Try to choose song(s) that are not already featured in the Musiah Piano Video Hall Of Fame.


2. Tidy the room (or at least the area that will be visible in the video).


3. Play with the backing track at FULL tempo.


4. Be sure to include the whole song, including the 4 bar intro at the start of the backing track. Do not cut off the backing track at the beginning or the end.


5. Remember a performance is about more than just playing the correct notes. It's about presenting yourself to your audience and making them feel comfortable. If you would like to introduce the piece you are about to play, that can often enhance the video. And at the end, the student should definitely turn towards the camera and smile to acknowledge the viewer.


6. Consider posture. The performing student should be sitting upright, and their wrists and forearms should be  horizontal. Ideally the top 1/3 of the screen should be at eye level (or as close to this as is practical). For more tips on posture, see the video on "How To Sit Correctly At The Piano" on the How To Videos page.


7. Camera angle: From the side and slightly behind the student (so you can see a little of the computer screen) is generally good. However, if you are too far behind the student, the viewer will not see the student's face. Also, don't film too far from the student. (The viewer does not need to see them below the waist). The video below is a good example of a nice camera angle.




8. Accepted formats: The video format must be .mp4, .mov or .wmv.


9. Ideally, the clip should be widescreen (16:9) with the highest possible resolution. If the file size exceeds 100MB, please email [email protected] and we will advise an alternatve method for uploading your files.


10. If you're considering sending in 2 or more videos of a given student, we suggest / recommend the student wears a different colored top for each video.


Good luck and have fun!




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