Referral Rewards Program

Win -WinDo you know 2 people who would benefit from online piano lessons with Musiah?


Most people know at least two friends / family members / colleagues who would benefit from online piano lessons with Musiah.


So I encourage you take advantage of our Referral Rewards Program by following these two simple steps...


Step 1: Tell your friends / family your Musiah customer ID and ask them to write it down.


Step 2: Have them go to and complete their details. Be sure to remind them to enter your customer ID number in the promo code field during sign-up.


By following these two steps...


  • you will receive USD $20.00 cash via PayPal (for each person you refer) and

  • your friends will receive a $10.00 discount off their first paid lessons (after their free trial).


And of course, when you recommend Musiah, you are doing something really good by;


  • sharing the benefits that you have received from your experience of Musiah’s online piano lessons

  • potentially changing the life of each person by bringing them the gift of music, and

  • helping to fund further research and development to create even more innovative music education offerings


Please be sure to read the terms & conditions below, and of course, if you have any questions re the above, please feel free to contact me, Brendan Hogan, directly at [email protected].


Terms & Conditions


What if I don't have a Musiah customer ID number?

To be eligible to participate in the Customer Referal Rewards Program, you need a Musiah customer ID number.


A Musiah customer ID number is allocated during sign-up and is retained by each customer even after they cancel lessons.


As an example, if you just want to be a non-customer 'affiliate', you can take out a FREE Musiah Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial (you will be allocated a customer ID number during sign-up).


Then, you can cancel lessons within the 14 day trial period and your card will not be charged, but you will still retain your customer ID number (which you can give to others so you can earn Referral Rewards).


If someone I refer signs up but doesn't enter my customer ID number in the promo code field during sign-up... will I still get paid?

No; referral rewards are only paid if your referred customer(s) enter your customer ID number in the promo code field during sign-up.


Are Referral Rewards recurring?

No; referral rewards are only paid in respect of each referred customer’s first monetary transaction for USD $24.99 or greater (i.e. paid lessons after the free trial). Money your referred customers may spend in subsequent months / years / transactions does not trigger a referral reward.


Can returning customers (who have learned with Musiah in the past) trigger a referral reward?

No; referral rewards are only paid in respect of new customers who have not previously learned with Musiah. Musiah Ltd reserves the right to claw back any referral fees paid in respect of returning customers who Musiah Ltd was wrongly led to believe were new customers.


Under what circumstances can Musiah Ltd withhold or claw back referral rewards?

Musiah Ltd reserves the right to withhold or claw back referral rewards paid

  • where the referred customer subsequently requires a refund of their initial transaction and a refund is paid
  • where the referred customer subsequently disputes their initial transaction on their credit card with their bank and the charge is reversed
  • if Musiah Ltd has reason to believe that one or more customers referred to it are non-genuine, i.e. part of a scam designed to trigger referral rewards that would not otherwise be paid.


PayPal Charges:

For each USD $20.00 Musiah Ltd pays to you, PayPal may deduct a small handling fee of around 4-5% (around $1.00). The exact amount PayPal deducts varies depending on your location and is beyond the control of Musiah Ltd. To put it another way, for each USD $20.00 Musiah Ltd pays you, you will be able to verify from your PayPal transaction details that Musiah Ltd has paid you USD $20.00 but you will receive approximately $19.00 after PayPal has deducted its handling fee.


What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

It does not matter if you don’t currently have a PayPal account. Within 7 days from the end of any calendar month in which one or more of your referred customers spends their first monetary amount of USD $24.99 or greater on lessons (i.e. continues lessons beyond the free trial), you will receive an email with easy-to-follow instructions on how to claim your referral reward.




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