The Musiah Story - Learning Piano As A Character In A Story

Your piano lessons with Musiah take place in a game-like environment within the context of an adventure story. Set in the year 4015, you are one of the few surviving humans in our galaxy, and now the galaxy is under threat from a race of invading machines known as the Atonals.


To save the galaxy from imminent destruction, you have joined a quest to help the legendary alien pianist and piano teacher Atonals 285Anthemius Felc, the last of the Musiah, unlock the Lost Song which is hidden within the pages of an ancient piano textbook. The textbook is encrypted with human DNA and can only be unlocked by a human Musiah, an actively developing piano student who progresses through the pieces and challenges contained within the textbook.


On this adventure, Musiah Anthemius Felc will be your piano teacher and you'll be learning piano in a group with other characters from the story.


Unlocking the Lost Song will enable you to become the next Musiah and to repel the Atonals and save the galaxy. But to unlock the Lost Song, you also need to collect all 13 pieces of a clavitrisk (a special key) that are hidden in 13 secret locations on different planets across the galaxy. Each Guardian of the Clavitrisk will only surrender their piece of the clavitrisk to you if you successfully complete a piano performance challenge by playing a selection of piano pieces in front of an audience on their planet.


How to find the clavitrisk

Your piano lessons will take place on board Musiah's spaceship and as you complete each piece:

  • the spaceship advances towards the next clavitrisk location/performance venue
  • clues are revealed about the Atonals and the planet on which the next piece of the clavitrisk is located plus
  • you'll earn gold stars which are required to unlock the piano performance challenge at the end of each of the 13 levels (the higher your score for each piece, the more stars you earn)


How the Lost Song can ultimately be used to save the galaxy from the Atonals is revealed progressively throughout the story. Along the way, you'll meet lots of interesting characters, and ultimately you'll face one final piano performance challenge - to perform the Lost Song itself. And of course, the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance depending on whether you succeed or fail.Clavitrisk




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I think this is a wonderful program! I've been wanting to learn keyboard for ages now but could never afford tutoring in the budget, and other online training or books just haven't had the feedback like musiah so you don't know if you're learning correctly. I really enjoy making beats and music on programs like reason but never had the skills for great keyboard pieces. I believe with musiah I will be well on the way to helping me improve! Thank you so much for this program!


Leigh Blackburn (adult student) - Spring Farm NSW, Australia


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Musiah for iPad Status Update – Overall progress is good despite some delays. Our brand new web site and the official release of Musiah for iPad are now on track for mid-March.