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Because we are so passionate about bringing the opportunity to learn to play piano to adults and kids everywhere — especially those who might not otherwise be able to afford traditional piano lessons — we are proud to bring you Musiah’s online piano lessons at prices that represent outstanding value — and (unlike some software companies) we charge exactly the same price no matter what country you live in.



Foreman For Site CroppedIn the word's of celebrity music maestro John Foreman;


"Musiah's online piano lessons are Absolutely THE BEST VALUE, the most convenient and the most fun way to learn piano".




Lesson Prices

To get you started, you get a FREE Musiah Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial

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After your FREE 14 Day Trial, there are four plans (subscription options) to choose from:



  •  Monthly      USD $24.99
  • 3 Monthly   USD $69.99 (normally $74.97 SAVE $5.00)
  • 6 Monthly   USD $129.99 (normally $149.94 SAVE $20.00)
  • 12 Monthly USD $199.99 (SAVE $100.00 — that's 4 months FREE)


And with Musiah's online piano lessons, up to 6 family members can all learn for the same low price.


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Musiah Piano Lesson Gift Certificates

Gift Cert

You're most likely thinking about piano lessons for yourself or your kids, but what about your other loved ones?


For a special occasion, why not give them the life-long gift of music with a Musiah Piano Lessons Gift Certificate.


After all, what is the perfect Gift?

Something that is…

  1. Affordable
  2. Different / original (none of us really wants another pair of socks)
  3. Easy to buy (we all know shopping for others can be a time-consuming hassle)
  4. Meaningful (something that will make a difference in their life that they’ll really appreciate)

The answer…

A Musiah Piano Lessons Gift Certificate.

As I have said before (in other articles) and I’m sure I’ll say it again; STARTING ME ON PIANO LESSONS AND SUBSEQUENTLY NOT LETTING ME GIVE UP WAS THE GREATEST THING MY PARENTS EVERY DID FOR ME (and they were very good parents).

The gift of music, especially piano/keyboard lessons really is life-changing one that will outlast all other the meaningless trivial gifts we generally give each other for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions.


So give them something worthwhile — a Musiah Piano Lessons Gift Certificate.



Real Success Outcomes With Musiah's Online Piano Lessons


There are countless examples of wonderful outcomes students of Musiah's piano lessons are achieving every day, of which these videos are just a few examples:


View video of Maurie age 64 from Hawker, Canberra playing Ode to Joy by Beethoven


This piece is Lesson #46 on the Musiah Piano Syllabus and challenges students to develop their coordination.


As Maurie says himself, “it took me forever to get this right, but I’m glad I did” – and so will you be when you hear how good it sounds. 


View video of Kristina age 33 from Pullenvale, Brisbane playing Celtic Sunrise by Brendan Hogan (Musiah Inventor)


This piece is Lesson #117 on the Musiah Piano Syllabus and is a great favorite among Musiah students.


It’s rhythmically quite quirky and requires a high level of accuracy to pull it off successfully, but it is great fun to play.


View video of Michael age 13 from Fullerton CA, United States playing The Rakes Of Mallow.


"The Rakes of Mallow" is from Level 4 of 13, and requires great dexterity and accuracy, with lots of passing the thumb under the fingers, or passing fingers over the thumb, as the student plays rapid scale-like passages.

Amazingly, Michael learned to play this piece (Piano Lesson #61) at 4.5 weeks, and no human teacher was involved. His piano teacher is simply Musiah, the world's first Artificially Intelligent Virtual Piano Teacher.


View video of Isabella age 12 from Ferny Hills, Brisbane playing Indian Dance


Isabella, who took part in the Musiah Online Piano Lesson Study, was one of the first students to experience learning how to play the piano with Musiah.


As a 12 year old, she achieved a great result learning with Musiah, learning 26 pieces during the 10 week study — that's 7.75 times faster than an average 11-12 year old learning the same pieces with a traditional piano teacher.


View more student videos


 Start your FREE Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial.


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Testimonials From Students Of Musiah's Online Piano Lessons


"I am immensely satisfied with the Musiah system and thoroughly enjoy the lessons"


Judy _Cocu _Mature _Age _Musiah _Piano _Student"As a mature aged student I am fulfilling a lifetime dream to learn to read music and play. I am immensely satisfied with the Musiah system and thoroughly enjoy the lessons.


The flexibility to work at my own pace and in my own time (my favorite feature) works well with other commitments. The animation is fun and the ability to review and practice at any time keeps me highly motivated. Additionally, the support is prompt and informative should issues arise.


Thanks, Brendan - just love it!!!!!"


Judy Cocu age 56 from Bairnsdale, Melbourne


Read Judy's full review


"I must tell you, Musiah exceeded my expectations and is too perfect for words"


Hayley Waterhouse"I must tell you, Musiah exceeded my expectations and is too perfect for words… in one day of using Musiah not only did I learn more but everything I had tried to understand fell into place… The joy (and relief) of successfully auditioning a piece is incredible… I am so appreciative of the work you have put into developing this software. I know it must’ve been such a lot of work but I know it will change many lives as it has mine already."


Hayley Waterhouse, age 32 from South Penrith, Sydney


Read Hayley's full Review


 View a video of Hayley playing The Can Can by Offenbach after only 7 weeks of lessons.

(Since this video was made, Hayley has continued to progress to even more advanced pieces).


"From the very start Musiah makes learning the piano fun and interesting"


Leigh Blackburn"From the very start Musiah makes learning the piano fun and interesting, I can now quite easily read notes off sheet music, am learning to co-ordinate my fingers for different chords and have learnt a number of different scales.

Even though in Musiah you are an 'Earthling' trying to save the universe from a alien attack, which may come off a bit 'Kiddy', it's a great way to learn and you can work at your own pace, whenever you're available.


I would recommend Musiah to anyone, of any age, who is keen to learn properly how to play piano!"


Leigh Blackburn, age 28 from Spring Farm, Sydney:

Read Leigh's full review


 View a video of Leigh playing In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Grieg after only 4 weeks of lessons.


"I would recommend Musiah to any parent who wishes to introduce their child to learning the piano"

Linda Mc DowellLearning to play the piano with the help of the Musiah program has been an eye opening experience not just for my daughter but for me as well. Musiah has helped her to develop a deeper awareness and appreciation of music and we have both enjoyed her moments of success when she achieves the required progression on each level. The characters are likeable and the graphics are interactive and stylised in such a way that makes it very appealing for today's computer savvy children. My daughter is only 7 and has come a long way in such a short time (when compared with traditional lessons given by a music teacher) and we love how she can sit down to her lesson at any time from the comfort of home which makes it incredibly convenient for all of us. I would recommend Musiah to any parent who wishes to introduce their child to learning the piano.

Linda M (parent) - Caboolture, Brisbane


"Musiah is a fun learning experience and I love all the colourful animations"

Comment from a Musiah student...

Isabella Portrait1I like playing new songs and l like the challenges which makes me want to work harder to earn more stars. Musiah is a fun learning experience and I love all the colourful animations. I will definitely recommend this to all my friends and relatives.

Isabella P (age 12) - Ferny Hills, Brisbane


"How much of a positive impact this has had on both my daughters... Their progress and enthusiasm has truly been amazing"

I will definitely write up a review when I can find the words to describe how much of a positive impact this has had on both my daughters. Their progress and enthusiasm has truly been amazing. We require them to spend at least 20 minutes a day except for Fridays, but lately they have been asking if they can do more! We have a piano upstairs and I am amazed when they sit down and play. They have even opened a beginner’s book and sight read pieces fairly accurately on the piano. When you consider they knew nothing 6 months ago, their progress under Musiah’s watchful tutelage is truly impressive.  Keep up the good work! When I find the time, I am going to continue my lessons. By that time, my girls will be able to help me!


Danny L - Marietta, Georgia, United States


View more Testimonials


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I'm an adult student learning to play piano with Musiah. I have finished level one and approaching the end of level two. I have no previous experience with the piano. This is early stages for me but slowly I am becoming able to read music from the sheet music and play it which is quite remarkable. I'm looking forward to working my way through this course and enjoy the interactive spaceship scenario, definitely appeals to the big kid inside of me. Thanks Musiah.


David Caplin (adult student) - London, UK


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