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Whether you are seeking piano lessons for yourself (as an adult student) or lessons for a child, this page provides a quick snapshot on:


  1. What is Musiah?
  2. The Musiah Piano Method
  3. Piano Tuition - Fast and Fun (learn 16 times faster)
  4. What You Will Learn
  5. How Musiah Works
  6. Features & Benefits



1. Musiah Online Piano Lessons (What Is Musiah?)


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Musiah's popular virtual piano lessons are the most technologically advanced, high quality, thorough piano lessons available anywhere online.


Ideal for beginners through to advanced students:


  • adults – piano or keyboard skills
  • children from age 7


Musiah is the world's first Artificially Intelligent Virtual Piano Teacher. Using the latest patented A.I. technology, Musiah follows your every move and responds to your playing, so you'll feel like you have a live piano teacher sitting next to you giving you continual guidance and feedback.



2. The Musiah Piano Method


The Musiah Piano Method is a method of teaching piano that uses a highly efficient combination of techniques to vastly improve the effectiveness of the traditional piano method.


Developed and refined over the last 17 years, the Musiah Piano Method has already been taught to over 80,000 students in Australia alone.


For more info, view The Best Piano Method — Compare OR The Musiah Piano Method Defined.



3. Piano Tuition — Fast And Fun


Musiah's piano lessons are so effective that they can genuinely have you learning piano up to 16 times faster than traditional piano lessons.


The below video is a personal message from Brendan Hogan Musiah Inventor that explains how YOU too can learn to play piano an amazing 16 times faster


 Watch Personal Message from Musiah Inventor


4. What You Will Learn


Musiah will teach you:


  • How to read sheet music for both left and right hands
  • Music theory
  • Scales & technical exercises
  • Learn to play hundreds of piano pieces
  • Learn to play different piano styles — classical, jazz, folk & contemporary


Watch 2 Min Video Medley Of Tunes You Will Learn



5. How Musiah Works


Musiah is a state-of-the-art software learning application that runs on your home computer.


It guides the student by speaking to them personally and showing them where they need to improve.


When assessing a student's playing, Musiah compares what the student has just played with how it should be played, and considers whether the student:


  • played additional notes that are not in the sheet music
  • omitted some notes
  • played some notes incorrectly
  • made errors in the timing
  • made errors in the duration for which notes are to be held
  • paused in the middle of the piece
  • played nothing at all
  • and every other conceivable variant including whether any or all of the aforementioned issues occurred in the Left Hand, Right Hand or Both Hands.


Then Musiah prioritizes which issues to address and in what order to address them, and guides / coaches the student in various ways.


View Musiah — Piano Lesson Genius for more info.



6. Features & Benefits



Musiah's online piano lessons have so many features it's impossible to list them all but here are a few to start with...


  • Latest patented A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology
  • Top quality virtual instruments
  • CD quality audio backing tracks
  • Ensemble pieces — you play one part while virtual characters play other parts
  • Highly interactive — way beyond video style piano lessons
  • Regular progress reports by email


View Musiah Piano Lesson Features for more info.



Musiah online piano lessons bring tremendous benefits to students (including adults), parents and teachers including;


  • Learn piano 16 times faster than traditional lessons and have more FUN doing it
  • Learn how to read sheet music fluently
  • Cost savings (up to 6 family members can learn piano for one low fee)
  • Convenience (no driving to and from piano lessons)
  • Students are safe learning piano with Musiah


View Musiah Online Piano Lessons — The Benefits for more.






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Great program , the learning it s fast , easy and fun i spent like a year and a half learning some piano lessons on DVD and could play some RH songs but did not knew any notes reading now in 2 months i definitely excelled more then i did in a year ...I am 32 years old at the moment and i thought it might be a little too late to learn playing but with Musiah my confidence and dreams are coming true , was a bit skeptical in the beginning but since i tried the trial on the first day i knew I ll be staying with it . Thanks a lot to Brendan Hogan you are awesome .


Sergiu Rapcea (adult student) - Davenport Florida, USA


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