Musiah: Contents Overview

This page is a quick-find summary of the main information topics about Musiah's Online Piano Lessons, how Musiah teaches piano and keyboard skills so effectively, and what you will need to get started. 


About Musiah Online Piano Lessons

The About Musiah Online Piano Lessons page give a quick snapshot on:

  • What is Musiah?
  • The Musiah Piano Method
  • How you can learn 16 times faster
  • What You Will Learn
  • How Musiah Works


Getting Started (What do I need?)

Our Getting Started page covers the four easy steps to getting started with Musiah.


Lessons For Kids

Our Lessons For Kids page explains why Musiah's online piano lessons are ideal for kids and includes videos from some of our younger students and a personal note from Brendan Hogan - piano teacher and Musiah inventor


Lessons For Adults

Our Lessons For Adults page describes how Musiah's online piano lessons for adults stack up and includes videos and testimonials from real adult students.


Lessons For Beginners

Our Lessons For Beginners page describes how Musiah's online piano lessons for adults stack up and includes videos and testimonials from real adult students.


Compare Piano Methods

Our Compare Piano Methods page compares the Musiah Piano Method with

  • the traditional piano method
  • learning to play piano by ear
  • learning piano using solfa-names for the notes

and explains why the Musiah Piano Method is by far the best (case study evidence is included).



Our Testimonials page is a selection of videos and comments from parents and students, young and old.


Lesson Prices

Our Lesson Prices page has details on lesson prices, discounts, special offers and more...


About The Inventor

A brief page About The Inventor of Musiah, Brendan Hogan


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What people say about Musiah


Musiah's piano lessons are going to open a whole of doors for young people who are interested in music but who might not necessarily have the patience to sit down and practice half an hour every day… In the past, practicing music was a bit of a chore but with this program… kids are going to be coming back to the keyboard and coming back to the computer because they want to get to the next level.  For adults, … I think sometimes we get shy about performing in front of people… For those people… you can practise in the privacy of your own home and get to a certain level before you surprise everybody with your skills. I think Musiah is fantastic... It is going to revolutionize the way people learn music.


John Foreman - Musical Director Australian Idol & YTT


Piano Video: Online Piano Lessons Song #19 Let's Mimic played by Elizabeth


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