Quick Update Re Unity Version Of Musiah

24 July 2014

Robot -Playing -Piano 500

Quick update re the forthcoming Unity version of Musiah's online piano lessons:


We're making good progress and are on track to issue a beta release in in the near future. 


Internal testing of a very early draft version will commence very soon.


When complete, the Unity version will require very little processing power and will be suitable for Windows / Mac and iPads.


Stay tuned for more, Earthlings!  :)





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What people say about Musiah


Hi everyone I already play piano. but I like the idea to prove the software and mostly to encourage my 8 year old boy to get interested in piano. After few weeks we both learn and have fun together. and suprisely we are more connected as father and son. He learn to play ´piano with both hand and finally he can easly identify any note on the keyboard, and what i like the most is the he stop play ps3 to stay and practice more time with musiah. Really great stuff!!


Alejandro Malo (adult student and father whose son learns with Musiah) - Sinaloa, Mexico


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