New Practice Area Enhancements

7 August 2016

Practice _Area


Recent updates have seen a number of cool enhancements to the Musiah Practice Area, and our latest update — due out in the next 24-48 hours — will include even more.


First of all, we've made it easier to get into the Practice Area from the Lesson Area. To achieve this, we removed the "Pause to Practice" button (a micro practice function) from the Lesson Area and replaced it with a "Practice" button which now takes the student directly to the full-featured Practice Area.


Another big change is Single Stave View is now available in the Practice Area. This gives students the option to switch from a standard full page view of the manuscriipt to a scrolling single stave which has much bigger notes, therefore making it easier to read.


Also in the Practice Area, students can now practice with

  • both hands
  • right hand, or
  • left hand

and be scored accordingly.


There's now a separate metronome for students who just want to practice freely without any feedback or other monitoring by the app.


Plus, there'll also be a new "Practice Untimed" feature added towards the end of this week. This is useful for students who want to play the notes slowly and correctly in their own time without a beat as a stepping stone to then trying the piece with a click track or backing track.


All of these enhancements to the Practice Area mean practicing your piano pieces inbetween or even during lessons is now easier and more enjoyable then ever.


Existing customers can access these great new features straight away as each update is released.


If you (dear reader) are not already a Musiah customer and you would like experience our incredibly effective, fun piano lessons and Practice Area, why not take our Free Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial.


As always, if you have any questions about piano lessons or the Practice Area, please feel free to email me at [email protected].


Til next time,


Brendan Hogan

Piano Teacher & Musiah Inventor





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My 10 year old son had been having private piano lessons but had stalled in his learning. Getting him to practice was difficult and he was unwilling to try any new songs. Things were looking grim. When I saw an ad for Musiah, I thought that would fit him to a tee. He loves being on the computer and loves quest type adventures. Musiah has proven to be a big hit with him. He is really enjoying the lessons and it is hard now to get him to stop playing on Musiah or just for fun. It has proved to be just the right amount of challenge and has helped him to enjoy playing again. He has now raced through level two and can't wait to get more pieces of clavitrisk. Thank you Musiah!


Sandra Kennedy - Petrie QLD, Australia


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