New Themes For Musiah Piano Lessons — Release Dates Announced

25 October 2017

As part of the process of developing our new iPad software, we've been working very hard on creating an exciting new look for Musiah. The new-look piano lessons app featues two exciting new themes called 'Suave' and 'Sci-fi silver' — both of which we love, and we hope you do too!


A preview image of the Suave theme (desktop version) is shown below.

Suave _Theme _Musiah _Piano _Lessons


And here (below) is a preview image of the Sci-fi-silver theme (also desktop version).

Sci -fi _Silver _Theme _Musiah _Piano _Lessons 


Release Announcement


Today, we're excited to annouce that these new-look designs are now complete and will be rolled out – for both iPad users and computer users – in the coming days as follows:


  • PC / Mac beta version of Musiah Unity – today
  • Musiah for iPad beta - in the next 24 – 48 hours
  • Musiah Unity (offical version) for PC / Mac – early next week (Mon / Tues)


The two themes are available in both 'story' mode and 'pure' mode.


We hope you (dear reader) and all our students will find these themes exciting and enjoyable to use as you progress on your piano lessons journey with Musiah.


Curious about the iPad version?


Here's a preview of the Suave theme in Musiah for iPad (beta) in landscape (4:3) view.

Suavei Padlandscape


How to get access to Musiah for iPad


To access Musiah for iPad (beta), you simply need to sign up for a free trial (which grants you access to the Windows / Mac versions) and then request access to the beta version by email to [email protected] and let us know your Apple ID email.


We'll then send you an invitation to access the Musiah iPad (beta) software. This invitation will come from Testflight (Apple's testing platform) and will be sent to your Apple ID email.


So what are you waiting for?...


Take our Free Online Piano Lessons 14 Day Trial and start enjoying these beautifully themed piano lessons today.




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What people say about Musiah


I have always wanted to play piano proficiently and as an adult I wasn't sure how I would ever achieve this goal. Now courtesy of the Musiah program I honestly believe I will achieve my goal. Musiah is well thought through and very thorough. Musiah is helping me improve my timing, music reading and technique all at the same time. I can learn at my own rate and every practise is an opportunity for me to gain greater progress. I thought at one stage that I was moving too quickly and perhaps I wasn't learning what I needed to thoroughly enough. This was a concern I didn't need to hold as the performance challenge meant that I had to polish up three songs at full tempo including a couple that I had found challenging. This was great and has kept me accountable. I also have my daughter learning at the same time and we are able to help each other. It is a fun, engaging and professional way to learn Piano. Given the cost and number of people who are able to use it under one license it is also one of the best value ways to learn Keyboard anywhere. I love it.


Craig Irvine (adult student) - Glen Iris VIC, Australia


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